Amy Cutmore

Digital Editor

Hello there! I'm Amy Cutmore, Ideal Home's Digital Editor.

I've been part of the Ideal Home team since 2010, where I've served as Consumer and Technology Editor. And I've been writing about interiors and tech for 16 years, for titles including 25 Beautiful Homes, Beautiful Kitchens, Trusted Reviews, Inside Readers' Homes, Inspirations for your Home, and Home.

As Digital Editor, I write about anything and everything homes-related, although my Mastermind-style specialist subjects are appliances and tech, kitchens and bathrooms. And I can't resist a Mid-Century Modern look.

Right now, I'm renovating my own three-bedroom period home in Bedfordshire. It's a big project, that will incorporate a double-storey extension with fabulous new open-plan kitchen, and – finally – a bathroom upstairs! We've just fitted new flooring, radiators and timber windows at the front of the property, and hope the major work will start next year.

You can follow me on Twitter @idealhomeamy, and on Instagram I'm @amylouisecutmore

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