Modern bathroom flooring ideas

Make the most of your bathroom flooring with these inventive and contemorary ideas

No longer limited to cheap and dated lino or cushioned flooring, there are so many options for choosing chic bathroom floors now. Finding the right flooring for your bathroom is a big decision and not one to rush into. Your floor will need to be durable and practical, but also stylish and in keeping with your bathroom design to meet all of your needs.

Before you take the leap and make a choice you could live to regret, check out our ideas for bathroom flooring that is both hardwearing and on trend. Make the most of the room's space with well-chosen flooring - dark colours will only make a small room look smaller and the wrong materials will result in damp and mouldy edges.

It's worth considering turning your bathroom into a contemporary wetroom and opting for a floor design that is completely waterproof. Wooden decking or teak slats would be perfect for creating a nautical feel and will withstand wet and humid conditions. Concrete, stone and slate flooring will give the same result.

Or try matching your floor to your walls, with one block colour or pattern for a dramatic effect. Textured flooring is also on trend, with rubber tiles making a good choice for modern flooring that is comfortable under foot.

Vinyl flooring is a good, affordable option that will withstand bathroom conditions. Try patterned vinyl to inject a shot of individuality into your bathroom. Another cost-effective flooring solution is painted floorboards. Providing your original floorboards are in good condition, a lick of off-white or grey paint will create a feeling of open space and make a small bathroom appear bigger.

1/6 Floor-to-ceiling mosaics

bathroom with tiles on wall and white bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Hiscock)

Striking amethyst and bronze mosaics from Bisazza cover both the walls and floor of this dramatic bathroom. The bath came from Toscoquattro and is the perfect foil for the dark tiles.

2/6 Textured rubber

bathroom with brown colour wall and white basin

(Image credit: Future PLC/Katya De Grunwald)

Create a wonderfully soft feel underfoot with rubber flooring - it doesn't have to be flat. These textured tiles are from The Rubber Flooring Company.

3/6 Slatted teak

bathroom with wooden floor and green tiles and footwear

(Image credit: Future PLC/Chris Everard)

The slatted teak flooring in this bathroom is reminiscent of a ship's deck, and means the bathroom works as a wetroom too. Try Element 7 for similar flooring.

4/6 Patterned vinyl

bathroom with patterned vinyl floral flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/Debi Treloar)

Bold floral flooring makes a fabulous statement and adds a shot of individuality. This bespoke design is by Harvey Maria.

5/6 Poured concrete

bathroom with window and shower

(Image credit: Future PLC/Daniel Farmer)

This wetroom is given a warm feel with walls and flooring in concrete, which has had seaside sand mixed in it to give a golden glow.

6/6 Painted floorboards

bathroom with grey coloured wall and towel on bath tub

(Image credit: Future PLC/Paul Massey)

The Moroccan-style plastered walls in this bathroom are complemented perfectly by the simple original floorboards, which have been painted a toning grey.

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