Before and after: inspirational fluted pink bath completely transform this bathroom

This homeowner’s gorgeously stylish bathroom is a total one-off

‘The bathroom was top of my list to renovate when we moved here,’ says the homeowner. ‘It hadn’t been touched since the ’90s, and was all hard, grey granite-type tiles, sharp angles and clunky fittings. I disliked even going in there and I wanted a much softer space,’ she continues. All that was soon a distant memory, when replaced by a dreamy, fluted pink bath!

The couple chose to stick with the existing layout, which simplified the plumbing and includes a separate shower. Lockdown-related delays in getting materials prolonged the renovation, but the finished result was well worth being patient for.

‘After such a long wait, my first soak in the new bath was lovely – lots of bubbles, a podcast and a glass of wine. It’s just a gorgeous space to be in,’ says the homeowner. ‘The bathroom’s just so pretty and I love that it’s not like anyone else’s.’

If you're looking for stylish bathroom ideas, look no further for chic inspiration...

Before: grey tiled bathroom

bathroom with white wall and grey tiles and bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC/Photography Darren Chung)

This striking bathroom project turned a dated and cold space into a chic sanctuary filled with show-stopping elements.

‘I’m definitely a bath person, so that was the first thing I looked for. When I saw this beautiful, fluted pink bath, I had to have it, and I chose everything else to fit around it' says the homeowner.

Focal point: fluted pink bath

bathroom with fluted pink bathtub and white wall and marble flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

‘The bath had to be the main feature and it’s the first thing you see. It’s so dainty and feminine. It’s made from a resin compound that feels warm and retains heat, so it’s functional too,’ says the homeowner. Plinth lends the bath even more impact.

‘I wanted a marble-look floor that wouldn’t be slippery, so these large porcelain tiles were a good choice and not too expensive. They work with underfloor heating, and I like the big scale, so the markings stand out,’ she says.


bathroom with table and washstand and mirrors and towels

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

‘I like the understated symmetry of the washstand, which draws your eye to the basin. The panelling was carefully positioned to frame it, with the taps mounted centrally above,’ says the homeowner.

‘When I spotted the basin, I knew it would be perfect as it picks up the other curves and textures in the room. The washstand was a really lucky find. I wanted some natural wood furniture for a softer feel, and it’s an ideal size, with a useful shelf and drawers,’ she says, of the handy extra bathroom storage idea.

Twin mirrors are tilt-able and height-adjustable, and boost the light. The basin’s delicate gold rim is a lovely finishing touch. ‘It’s glamorous and ties it to the other metal elements in the room.'


bathroom with white wall and fluted pink bathtub and washbasin and toilet and marble flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/Photography Darren Chung)

The smart bathroom light ideas include wall lights which echo the fluted theme. ‘I wanted to keep the lighting simple and not too harsh, just with the two around the mirror and one overhead' says the homeowner.

'It took me a long time to find a really pretty ceiling light, but this little chandelier with its brass scallops fitted the bill.’

Brass hardware

bathroom with white wall and fluted pink bathtub and brass tap

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

‘I toyed with the idea of traditional, Victorian-type taps, before falling for the sleek elegance of these modern, brushed brass ones. They’re lovely to use and I like how they contrast with the prettiness of the bath,’ the homeowner says.

Modern shower

shower with brassware and marble wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

A smart modern shower design keeps the flow of the room open and contemporary. ‘The walk-in shower has a different feel, as my husband is the main user,' says the homeowner.

'I think the navy and pink combo works well and the brassware all matches,’ she continues. ‘The scalloped tiles are in-keeping with all the other curves in the room’.