Save up to £128 on your energy bills with this four-minute shower trick

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Experts say it's possible to save up to £128 on your energy bills by switching up this important part of your daily routine – but there's also a catch.

Amidst the cost of living crisis, many have been more diligent in monitoring their energy usage within their daily routines, from washing clothes to basic hygiene practices. After finding out how much it costs to take a shower, people are searching for more ways to save energy at home. By modifying this part of your daily routine, you can potentially shave off a couple of costs on your next utility bill invoice.

bathroom with shower in black finish

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The four-minute shower

Following the energy price cap increase in October, more and more people have been seeking energy bill help to meet demands. One of the ways the public can save money on their energy bills is by cutting down their shower time to only four minutes.

Rebecca Davies, manager and spokesperson at RD Heat says that cutting down time spent in the shower can save households £128.18 a year. The 'four-minute shower' is especially being pushed as energy prices are predicted to increase another 18% in 2023.

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Although the savings are ideal, it's important to understand that this may not be an achievable feat for all households as its success lies in what kind of boiler you have. Those with a combi boiler are more likely to sustain short shower times for the long run, compared to those with system boilers.

'Combi boilers are highly energy efficient and can bring instant hot water to your shower head, meaning you can begin your four-minute shower very quickly,' explains Rebecca Davies at RD Heat.

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'Assuming that your combi boiler is fitted into a smaller home with decent water pressure in the mains, you are more likely to be successful in taking a four-minute shower and saving money on your heating or energy bills.'

We know it's easy to lose track of time in the shower, but you can even buy four-minute shower timers on Amazon for as low as £3 to help you be more mindful.

The four-minute shower may not save you exactly £128 in practice, as there are other factors to consider and we're not perfect, but it's a great reminder to never underestimate the power of even the smallest of changes.

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