5 beautiful ways to layer bed linen that will trump white sheets

The easiest way to update your bedroom look

While crisp white sheets will never go out of style, piling layer-upon-layer of beautiful textures and patterns is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your bedroom look.

For a bed you'll want to snuggle into, here are 5 beautiful and easy ways to layer bed linen ...

Got the blues

blue bedroom with beddings and cushions

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The bedroom is probably the most personal of spaces in the home, so if you can't go all out in here, where can you? Shake up your look with layers of mismatched sheets and blankets and warm up moody blue walls by introducing accents of the colour in the bed linen.

Here comes the sun

bedroom with blue windows and blue bed

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Brighten up natural textured linens with traditional Moroccan blankets and colourful throws for a summer vibe in your bedroom all year round. Here, the dynamic contrast of vibrant colours and natural textures of linen and cotton create a soothing haven.

Go luxe

bedroom with beddings and velvet throw

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Crisp white sheets have their merits, namely that they're easy to update. Simply layering a velvet throw in a rich hue over the top of them will elevate your bed linen to a new luxe level.

Floral fancy

bedroom with floral beddings and green lamp

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For an opulent, feminine scheme, add a statement floral print and then layer bedding in key colours for a boutique feel. You can also mix in different patterns, but stick to a few key tones, such as green here, to keep the look cohesive.

Mix and match

wooden room with blue beddings and lamp

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Go on, count up the different patterns in this bedroom. Mildly mismatched rather than dramatically so, and bridging the gap between classic masculine and feminie styles, this well thought-out bedroom is chic and timeless. Recreate the look with a plethora of floral and striped bed sheets and don't forget to be just as un-matching with the pillow covers.