How to make a square envelope cushion

Follow Country Homes and Interiors’ instructions to sewing these cushions in just 5 easy steps

bedroom with envelope cushions

(Image credit: TBC)

Use subtly patterned fabrics for cushions that will blend into any room.

You will need
* 40cm square cushion pad (try the duck feather cushion pad, £6, John Lewis)
* Main fabric (we used Dot Diamond and Speedwell Rose, both £69.90 a metre, Lewis & Wood)
* Matching thread
* Tacking thread

Step 1) Cut three pieces in your main fabric:
one 43cm square for the front of the cushion cover, and two 29.5cm by
43cm rectangles for the back. The two back pieces will overlap by 10cm
to form an envelope opening for inserting the cushion pad.

Step 2) On one long edge of each back piece turn under 1cm then 2cm. Pin and press. Machine stitch the hem 5mm from the folded edge.

Step 3)
Right sides facing and matching raw edges all round, place one back
piece on top of the front piece, then position the second back piece.
The two back pieces will overlap in the centre.

Step 4) Pin
and tack all round, then machine stitch taking a 1.5cm seam. Remove
pins and tacking, trim back seam allowances and snip across the corners.

Step 5) Turn through and press. Insert cushion pad through the envelope opening.

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