Stacey Solomon uses sneaky tactic to persuade her husband to let her decorate for Christmas early

‘He said I could do “one room”. So I did’

Stacey Solomon in her bedroom decorated with the homewares from her George Home collection
(Image credit: George Home)

There are two types of people - those that decorate for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over and those that wait patiently until at least 1st December. Stacey Solomon is the former, which is now well documented in her humorous Instagram reel, where she tricked her husband Joe Swash into letting her Christmas decorate their bedroom on the 1st November. And she went all out, covering the entire room in festive pieces from her collection with George Home.

And Stacey’s festive bedroom makeover gave us several Christmas bedroom decorating ideas. Not to mention that sneaky but effective technique to get it approved by our other halves that the TV presenter used.

Stacey Solomon's Christmas bedroom makeover

Earlier this Autumn, Stacey launched a homeware collection with George Home filled with seasonal decor for autumn and winter. So naturally, she could hardly wait to swap out the pumpkins for the Christmas tree motifs, wreaths, garlands and snowflakes.

A Christmas-decorated bedroom

(Image credit: George Home)

Being a seasonal decor enthusiast, Stacey shared her autumnal bedroom makeover with her Insta followers at the beginning of the season. In her latest reel’s caption she wrote, ‘It’s been pumpkins since 1st September so I was ready.’ Fair enough.

But first, the Sort Your Life Out presenter had to get it past her husband. In Stacey’s Instagram reel, Joe is heard agreeing to Stacey decorating their bedroom for Christmas, saying, ‘Just do the bedding and bits and pieces. Don’t go overboard.’ 

To which she laughs mischievously and says, ‘One whole bedroom’, before inserting Mariah Carey’s Christmas hit It’s Time and revealing the before and after of her now Christmassy bedroom. And we’d say that perhaps she did go a tiny bit overboard.

‘He said I could do “one room” So I did. He knew exactly who I was when he married me,’ she continued in her caption. ‘Everywhere else is still happy Halloween but I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get Christmassy in the bedroom.’

Get the look

Wrapping her headboard in the LED Olive Light-Up Garland, it’s matched with a Green Cowbell Christmas Wreath above the bed, which also lights up in twinkling lights. And she did indeed do the bedding, as instructed by her husband, dressing the bed in the Stag Wreath Reversible Brushed Cotton Duvet Set paired with countless cushions on top. Our favourite? That would have to be the bohemian-looking Cream Tufted Trees Christmas Cushion.

If only we could see Joe’s reaction. After all, she even brought an actual Christmas tree in, decorated with the George Home x Stacey Solomon Mushroom Baubles, of course.

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