How Stacey Solomon gave her bedroom an autumnal refresh with these 6 budget-friendly buys

Here are Stacey's top picks for creating a cosy bedroom retreat

Stacey Solomon on bed holding cushion.
(Image credit: George Home)

If there's anyone we can count on to bring on the major autumnal vibes, it's none other than the queen of cosy, Stacey Solomon. Despite being known for championing a neutral living room and bedroom alike, she's proven that you can get the gears going on your Halloween decorating ideas in a way that's subtle and stylish.

Following the launch of Stacey's George Home collection, there are a couple of things that we couldn't wait to incorporate as a part of our home decor, given that they're perfect for the spooky (yet equally cosy) season.

While the well-sought-after ghost decorating trinkets are still unfortunately out of stock, the love for the pumpkin motif is evident and is one that Stacey highlights in her collection. We've seen this in her living room autumn makeover, and now, with her bedroom's autumnal refresh.

Stacey Solomon on bed holding cushion.

(Image credit: George Home)

How to give your bedroom an autumnal refresh with Stacey Solomon's George Home collection

Stacey took to her Instagram stories on Sunday, posting an image captioned 'Fresh New Month = Fresh New Bed', featuring her newest bedroom setup which brought together some of her favourite bits from the budget-friendly range.

Stacey has previously sparked debate on how often you should change bedsheets, in which she revealed that she changes them weekly, so if there's someone we can count on for a bedspread that will hit every time, it's her.

Here are six of the cosy queen's top picks from her collection with George Home, At Home with Stacey Solomon, which she used to create the autumnal bedspread of our dreams.

Commenting on the bedding when speaking to us at Ideal Home, Stacey says, 'A lot of the bedding is really different. There was an amazing designer who does illustrations who worked with us on them.'

She continues, 'If you change your bedding, you instantly feel like you've changed your whole room. You put a fresh pair of sheets on that are a bit different to the norm and then you think, wow, I've got a whole new bedroom now.'

And Stacey's autumnal bedroom transformation makes truth of that like no other.

Well, that settles it. If anyone needs us, we'll be refreshing our own bedding, Stacey Solomon style.

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