10 stylish bedrooms to dream about

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  • From feminine sanctuaries to designer retreats, Livingetc picks out what's best in bedroom chic

    Sleep? Pah, who needs it? There’s far more interesting things to do in a boudoir. From contemplating artwork to checking out Bake Off, today’s bedrooms are used as multifunctional relaxation zones. We’ve chosen ten styles to suit the modern mood – which one is yours?

    1. Scandi chic

    White, light but with added bite, this luxe space is a treat for the senses. Tactile velvets, crisp linen and eye-catching accessories play with scale and form. And for extra privacy, just drape a textile over the vintage four-poster.

    2. The Queen Bee

    A classic spot to contemplate life’s mysteries (such as how come I don’t have royal blood?), the occupant of this suite has regal ambitions. That fabulous drape cocoons the bed, while the embossed cushions are temptingly puffed up. Now, where’s that tea I ordered to be brought up?

    3. The Rainbow room

    Every colour under the sun helps spell out H-A-P-P-Y in this fun, glorious room. Coordination? We’re having none of it – just throw everything into the mix and enjoy the result. After all, life’s too short to worry.

    4. Moody blue

    Soft grey walls, shadows moving across the bed, trompe l’oeil wallpaper, this space has hidden depths. Check out the iconic table lamp sitting behind the padded headboard (how do they do that?) and the egg-shaped chair that is defiantly mid-century modern. Maybe a masked avenger sleeps here…

    5. Hot zone

    Got a novel to finish? Somehow, we think you won’t complete your tome here. Not with that view to enjoy each day, plus those large, embracing armchairs on the terrace look far too tempting. Still, we might stretch ourselves to send a few postcards home. Perhaps in a day or two.

    6. Screen goddess

    While the kids hog the telly downstairs with their games console, we think you should move on up… Yup – a TV is cleverly hidden in the housing at the foot of the bed. If only we could get hubby to bring back the remote…

    7. Alpine lodge

    Après-ski anyone? Well, who wouldn’t if you had a place like this to come back to after a day on the slopes. Materials matter most here, with reclaimed wood, a concrete console and that fab faux-fur throw. When it gets too hot, just slide open those doors and chill.

    8. Princess in the tower

    Remodelling a loft space is commonplace, but this attic conversion takes the design to new heights. No plaster ceiling boards here – the living space stretches up to the eaves. And, to add an offbeat element to the contemporary interior, the Gothic-style screen is perfect for hiding behind before your prince turns up for his kiss. Mwahh!

    9. The double take

    It’s not the twin mirrors that throw us. Nor the amazing gilt and mahogany fixtures reflected from the far end of the room. No, we just can’t make up our minds which way to go first. On through the passageway to take a good look at the enormous oval tub, or should we linger awhile by that spacious dressing area in-between. Decisions, decisions…

    10. Art lover

    No TVs here, ta very much. We prefer the finer things in life. Big, blowsy florals, soft sheepskin rugs and a whole wall of art to enjoy. When the mood takes us, we might rearrange the pieces – a little blue, there, a purple hue up top. We may even draw back the curtains to let real life intrude…

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