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  • The humble bedside table is a busy piece of bedroom furniture, providing perching space for lighting, an alarm clock and reading matter. Stretching to shelves, drawers or cupboards for more substantial storage space in some cases.

    So what exactly makes the best bedside table? There’s a bedside table solution to suit all styles and size of bedroom. Both factors, style and size, feature heavily in the decision making process for purchasing this important bedroom staple.

    Do bedside tables have to match?

    bedside table with lamp and white bedding

    Image credit: Dunelm

    There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s ultimately a matter of personal taste. It’s just that a pair is the more traditional approach to bedside tables but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

    The matching pair is favourable because it makes more of a star of a central bed, bringing order and balance to a decorating scheme. It helps to align the symmetry of the room, which can help to give the space a better sense of purpose. But if you are short on space, you might not have the room to accommodate two – in which case one is sufficient.

    Perhaps your lifestyle choices means you don’t require two, so don’t feel because the ‘rules’ suggest you have to buy a pair – in this instance it could be a complete waste of money.

    Beside tables are now more commonly sold as individual pieces of furniture, rather than as a pair or in complete furniture sets – as was the case in days gone by. Being sold as a stand alone piece allows shoppers the freedom to tailor their bedroom decor specifically to their needs.

    If opting for a matching pair you could keep the look cohesive with matching wardrobes and chests of drawers for full-on co-ordination. Alternatively you could go for mismatching for a more relaxed feel.

    What if you don’t have the room for a bedside table?

    Mix things up with a wall-mounted bedside table design. These modern designs free up floor space and make even the smallest of bedrooms feel more spacious and well thought out. A simple wall-mounted design provides a plinth for bedtime essentials, without taking up valuable space.


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