7 stylish bedroom wall stickers to spruce your space – instantly

You can always rely on a bedroom wall sticker to add style to a room – and these ones are far from tacky
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  • Searching for a bedroom wall sticker (or two) to help ramp up your decor? Whether it’s for an empty corner or you have this feeling that something is missing in this arguably important room, we can help. There’s no need to spend an entire weekend fitting wallpaper – or to worry about what will happen if you don’t like it – as these wall stickers are as easy as their apt name. Simply peel away their backing, stick them on a flat wall and press the air bubbles out. The result? You’ll be set for a good while, and your guests will be wowed.

    We’re whizzing way past the classic ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs and straight to these stylish wall stickers that you’d never even know were stickers. Simply put: they look like wallpaper but they’re nowhere near as much faff. Plus, they’re brilliant for renters since you need only peel them off after use. No sticky residue in sight.

    If you want more ways to spruce a rented place, or for easy redecorating in your kitchen and bathroom, then don’t forget about tile stickers. These make an easy job of giving a refresh to wall or floor tiles, with zero grouting required – for an incredibly simple update.

    The most stylish bedroom wall stickers to buy

    1. samaravibes Set of 2 Boho Arches Wall Decal

    samaravibes Set of 2 Boho Arches Wall Decal  in living room

    Image credit: samaravibes

    Sizes available: 6
    Colours available: 30

    We love this wall sticker for boho, modern or minimalist homes, and the fact it comes in 30 colourways means that you can match yours to your existing decor. It looks great here in a living room, but what’s to say that you can’t peel and stick it on an otherwise plain wall in your bedroom? Behind your bed or on a wall with a mirror would look best, we say. Plus, these arches, thanks to their grand size, ought to make your ceilings look higher. They even come in a gold or silver effect, for a true wow factor.

    2. Boutique and Love Green Leaf Modern art wall sticker

    Boutique and Love Green Leaf Modern art wall sticker in living room above sofa

    Image credit: Boutique and Love

    Sizes available: 2
    Colours available: 1

    Bring the outside in with help from this green wall sticker. We say that it would look best above a bed, to frame this wall, but really you could place it anywhere. It’ll be sure to bring light to an otherwise dreary space, plus there’s the fact it comes in sections to suit the size of your wall. Otherwise, it’s waterproof so that you can use it in a bathroom or kitchen if not. Oh, and it’s made from high-quality PVC, which is eco-friendly.

    3. Quote My Wall Dalmation Spot Wall Stickers

    Quote My Wall Dalmation Spot Wall Stickers

    Image credit: Quote My Wall

    Sizes available: 1
    Colours available: 36

    Simple yet understated, these organically-shaped spot wall stickers are great for creating a feature wall – with ease. They come in more than just black, in fact, there are 35 more colours to choose from to spruce your space. Since the spots come as individual stickers, you can choose how few or many you place on your wall, and you can spread them out as you like. They’re ten times easier to apply than if you were to paint this design on your wall, too, plus they are handmade from premium waterproof matt vinyl. Place them literally anywhere you like and use them to personalise your space to suit your taste. Choose an amount from 70 to 420, and get peeling and sticking.

    4. MursClairs Falling Flowers Fabric Wall Stickers

    MursClairs Falling Flowers Fabric Wall Stickers on wall in nursery with rattan cot

    Image credit: MursClairs

    Sizes available: 1
    Colours available: 1

    These subtle yet effective wall stickers add a sense of calm to any bedroom, but especially a nursery. We love them on just one wall, to make a feature behind a cot – just like in the photo above. They’re soft and they add warmth to a space and the best part is that you can place them wherever you like. Each flower is an individual sticker so that you can personalise your space. Dot them around the room randomly, or place them in lines vertically. Alternatively, you could place them beside one another in a row to create a bedroom border. Boasting a soft canvas-type texture, these stickers are flexible and tear-resistant. Plus they are created with safe ink, they are odourless and toxin-free.

    5. W0nderw4lls Boutique Rainbow wall decal

    W0nderw4lls Boutique Rainbow wall decal in nursery with swing

    Image credit : W0nderw4lls Boutique

    Sizes available: 4
    Colours available: 1

    Another option for a kids’ bedroom, this rainbow wall sticker is sizeable enough to fill an otherwise plain wall – in an instant. We say to peel and stick it above their bed, perhaps to act as another headboard. This thick wall sticker ought to last in their bedroom a long time, through wear and tear and even if toys will be launched at it a couple of times a day. Made using eco-friendly ink, it’s non-toxic therefore safe for use around kids. A far cry away from your usual rainbow wall sticker…

    6. Parli Shop Botanical Wall Stickers

    Parli Shop Botanical Wall Stickers on wall with mirrors and macrame

    Image credit: Parli Shop

    Sizes available: 1
    Colours available: 14

    These small and subtle stickers are great for making a big difference, especially whilst on a small budget. They’re great for any size space, whether for filling a large empty wall or for decorating a slim space. They’re individual stickers so that you can style them wherever you like and in whichever direction, and we think they are lovely for a bedroom. Why? They’re decorative enough to add a little something to a corner that needs it, whilst letting your furniture and more take centre-stage. Handmade from removable specialist sticker vinyl, they’re durable, too.

    7. Vinylimpression Large decorative vinyl flower wall sticker decals

    Vinylimpression Large decorative vinyl flower wall sticker decals behind grey sofa

    Image credit: Vinylimpression

    Sizes available: 1
    Colours available: 45

    We absolutely love these black and white wall stickers, for sticking along the back wall of your bedroom, behind your bed. We think it will work best if your bed is headboard-less, but either way, it will bring a wow factor to the space you sleep. These stickers are separate so that you can choose to place them next to each other or dot them around your bedroom, and whilst we love the black and white, they do come in 45 colour choices.

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    This budget bedroom idea will be sure to impress for years to come. The best part? As soon as you fancy a change, or when trends change, you can just peel it off and choose another. No painting over required!

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