Shopping edit – 9 fancy tile stickers for an inexpensive refresh

Tile stickers make for an affordable, fuss-free makeover – here are our best picks

On the hunt for some high-quality tile stickers? Maybe your floor-to-ceiling tiles in the kitchen need refreshing? Or, perhaps tiling your bathroom floor on the to-do list? If entirely new tiles are a bit beyond budget, why not consider covering existing tiles with a set of decorative stickers until you can replace them? These tile stickers are where it's at if you're looking to make a decorative statement on a shoestring budget.

Otherwise known as tile decals or vinyl tiles, most kitchen tile stickers are made from heat and water-resistant vinyl. This means they can survive daily wear and tear of busy kitchen and bathroom life. There are tonnes of types of tile stickers available these days, from faux metro tiles to hexagonal tiles and even mosaic tile stickers. We've listed a myriad of choices in our guide, so you'll be sure to find whatever style or shape you are after.

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What are tile stickers?

Think of tile decals as tile tattoos. They are vinyl wall stickers which are an easy way to update or make a statement on plain painted walls and tiles. Apply these smart adhesive transfer designs to existing tiles, blank walls or even glass splashbacks – if the mood takes you.

The best tile stickers

We've selected some of our favourite tile and wall stickers, all of which can give your kitchen or bathroom a quick refresh without a tile cutter required, or any grout in sight.

1. Walplus Deep Blue Glossy 3D Metro Sticker Tiles

Walplus Deep Blue Glossy 3D Metro Sticker Tiles on kitchen wall

(Image credit: Walplus)

These brilliant sapphire blue stickers emulate the look of fashionable Metro tiles, without the need to do any messy DIY. To apply you simply peel the design from the backing and affix to any clean, flat surface. Ideal for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. We love the dark blue colour, especially for a kitchen splashback. With white 'grout', they're perfect for injecting colour where it's needed. They also come in mint green and white marble. The pack contains 12 pieces of stickers, measuring 30 x 15cm. Providing coverage of 0.54 sq meters.

Buy now: Walplus Deep Blue Glossy 3D Metro Sticker Tiles, £25.39, Amazon

2. Dunelm Azulejo 15cm Mosaic Tile Stickers

Azulejo 15cm Mosaic Tile Stickers in kitchen with white counter top

(Image credit: Dunelm)

These multi-coloured mosaic tile stickers are decorative and pretty. For those who want some colour in their kitchen or bathroom – or even staircase – they are brilliant. Rich in colour, these tile stickers are easy to apply and they give maximum results. They are also a total bargain, and one pack measures 15cm x  15cm.

Buy now: Azulejo 15cm Mosaic Tile Stickers, £16, Dunelm

3. Home Art Stickers Orange Modern Circles Pattern Tile Stickers

Home Art Stickers Orange Modern Circles Pattern Tile Stickers

(Image credit: Home Art Stickers)

Add some orange to your kitchen or bathroom with help from these sticker tiles from small business Home Art Stickers. You can display them whichever way you like to design your own unique pattern, while they are definitely statement-worthy. A total of 10 tile stickers come in one pack, while there are lots of sizes to choose from. Whether you are redesigning your kitchen backsplash on a budget or sprucing up your bathroom floor.

Buy now: Home Art Stickers Orange Modern Circles Pattern Tile Stickers, from £8.62, Etsy

4. Zasous Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles

Bedroom with grey vinyl floor tiles

(Image credit: Zazous)

Okay, we LOVE these floor tile stickers. Not only will they add something unique to a room, but they are so Instagrammable – plus they are made by a small business. They are also inspired by the patterned encaustic tiles you can find in Cuba's capital, hence their name. A total of 11 tiles come included in one pack, which can cover 1 square metre.

Buy now: Zasous Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles, £22.99, Etsy

5. Dunelm Algarve Black Self Adhesive Backsplash Tiles

Black Self Adhesive Backsplash tiles in kitchen

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If you are going for a black or white colour scheme in your kitchen or bathroom, then these tile stickers from Dunelm would be perfect, They feature a gorgeous geometric design that will complement any colour worktop. They are also ideal if you want to add a pop of colour in another way, perhaps from a feature wall or some wall prints. They are best fitted to flat (untiled) surfaces, so they would work perfect placed on a plain wall. One sheet measures 108 x 18 inches.

Buy now: Algarve Black Self Adhesive Backsplash Tiles, £18, Dunelm

6. Home Art Stickers Art Deco Grey Tile Stickers

Kitchen with white brick walls and grey geometric tile stickers on island panel

(Image credit: Etsy/HomeArtStickers)

These waterproof, grey geometric tile stickers are just the thing to add a subtle hint of decoration to a stylish kitchen. Ok, so they can be used on tiles, but tile decals also work on any clean and flat surface – such as the underside of a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Adding pattern to this freestanding unit can help to add something different to an all-white kitchen scheme. There's zero commitment because the adhesive film is just as easy to remove as it is to put in place. One pack includes 10 tiles, and they come in a huge range of sizes to fit your existing tiles.

Buy now: Art Deco Grey Tile Stickers, from £8.62, Etsy

7. HyFanStr Peel and Stick Wall Tiles Backsplash

Peel and Stick Wall Tiles Backsplash in bathroom

(Image credit: HyFanStr)

These green arrow tile stickers are impressive – and no one would ever know they're not real thanks to their 3D effect. With white grout to separate each tile, you can use these sporadically, whether as a backsplash or just around a shower or to cover an entire wall. They're easy to fit and quite thick, so you can pop them anywhere from a plain wall to an already-tiled surface. Not only that, but you can easily cut them to size to make this DIY stress-free. You'll get four sheets in one pack, and each sheet measures 25.4cm x 24.9cm.

Buy now: HyFanStr Peel and Stick Wall Tiles Backsplash, £15.99, Amazon

8. Home Art Stickers Red Earth Stars Tile Stickers

Red Earth Stars Tile Stickers in kitchen

(Image credit: Home Art Stickers)

We love these tile stickers to make a statement, whether on a kitchen backsplash or stuck on a bathroom floor. They're pink in colour and they are designed to join up to one another to create a gorgeous unique star pattern. Made from 100% quality German vinyl, these stickers are scratch-proof as well as washable. In a pack comes 10 tiles, and there are lots of sizes to choose from – to fit the size of your current tiles.

Buy now: Home Art Stickers Red Earth Stars Tile Stickers, £8.62, Etsy

9. Dunelm Shell Blue Self Adhesive Backsplash Tiles

Shell Blue Self Adhesive Backsplash Tiles in kitchen

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Add some ocean vibes to your kitchen or bathroom with help from these blue tile stickers – from Dunelm. They are shell-shaped to make them unique and rounded to be soft on the eye, while they are easy to fit and the results speak for themselves. An affordable way to add some colours to your tiles, even if you just want to tile one area of your kitchen or bathroom. In one pack comes 4 packs, each measuring 10 x 10 inches.

Buy now: Dunelm Shell Blue Self Adhesive Backsplash Tiles, £18, Dunelm

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Is it time to give your kitchen tiles an affordable makeover?

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