8 well-designed towel racks and rails for maximising storage space in your bathroom

The handy towel rack can prove useful for holding wet or dry towels, to save on floor space or add to your bathroom aesthetic

If you are searching for a way to store your towels, then you're probably leaning towards a towel rack. Whether this is for holding your wet towels to encourage them to dry, or for displaying your dry towels is your choice. But, we will say that a towel rack (and a towel rail!) would be a smart addition to any bathroom, whether an en-suite or family bathroom. It should make this space look smart, with little to no effort required from you.

Here, we've listed a range of towel rails and racks for you to choose from. If you are tight on floor space in your bathroom, then go for a wall-mounted towel rack. Otherwise, there are freestanding options if drilling holes into your wall isn't an option. We've also found an over-the-door towel rack to really make the most of the space that's available in your bathroom. Plus, lots more.

Whether your bathroom is minimalist, boho, modern or perhaps it's a mismatch of styles? These towel racks are all aesthetically pleasing, plus surprisingly affordable – for an instant bathroom update. After all, what's the point in investing in the best bath towels if you've nowhere stylish to store them?

The best practical towel racks and towel rails to buy for your bathroom

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1. Habitat Wall Mountable Towel Holder

Habitat Wall Mountable Towel Holder with blue towels on white and black tiled wall

(Image credit: Habitat)

Use this budget-friendly towel rack from Habitat to house your towels and save on valuable floor space. It's easy to fit on tiles, and it can be used to hold several towels at any one time. The last rail is also great for hanging a hand towel over. Its minimalist frame screams modern, and it's rounded for a softer look. With a matte finish, this towel rack looks triple its price tag. To keep your towels close to your tub, and your bathroom looking tidy.

Buy now: Habitat Wall Mountable Towel Holder, £12.50, Argos

2. Dunelm Bent Cane Anti Bacterial Freestanding Towel Rail

Dunelm Bent Cane Anti Bacterial Freestanding Towel Rail

(Image credit: Dunelm)

This cane towel rack from Dunelm is freestanding, to make a statement and for ease of reaching from the shower or tub. With three rails in total for holding wet or dry towels, there's also a shelf at its bottom, for rolled towels or your slippers to sit. Handmade with an antibacterial finish, this towel rack will add nothing but warmth to your bathroom, and it's by far the best option for boho homes.

3. Light in the Box Bathroom Towel Rack Multilayer Contemporary Stainless Steel Bath Towel Bar

Light in the Box Bathroom Towel Rack Multilayer Contemporary Stainless Steel Bath Towel Bar

(Image credit: Light in the Box)

A modern option for black-toned bathrooms, this 304 stainless steel rack offers enough space for 3 hanging towels. It can be mounted using screws or with sealant glue, the choice is yours. Boasting a matte finish and a practical design, this rack allows your towels to dry whilst taking up a minimal amount of space. Rest assured that it will look great once mounted. We say to place it beside your shower or bathtub, or by your sink.

Buy now: Bathroom Towel Rack Multilayer Contemporary Stainless Steel Bath Towel Bar, Light in the Box, £35.06, Light in the Box

4. Symple Stuff Curl Over-the-Door Towel Rack

Symple Stuff Curl Over-the-Door Towel Rack

(Image credit: Symple Stuff)

One for those of us who are always searching for small bathroom ideas, this over the door towel rack simply just slides over your door frame to maximise storage space. Offering plenty of space (5 rails to be exact), this rack is made of steel and powder-coated for durability. It's not the best option for every bathroom, and you can really only use this if your bathroom door is able to swing fully open, otherwise with this on your door you won't be able to get inside your bathroom without struggling. But, rest assured that for those who can use this rack, it's genius. With a sophisticated silver finish, this towel rail is the perfect example of style meeting simplicity, and practicality.

5. Made.com Rurick Freestanding Towel Rail

Rurick Freestanding Towel Rail

(Image credit: Made.com)

A freestanding option for anyone with some floor space to spare in their bathroom, and to add a sophisticated, luxury look to your bathroom aesthetic. Elegantly shaped and finished in brass, this Made.com buy boasts three flat rails for holding towels, whilst ensuring to match with the rest of your brushed brass bathroom accessories. It's truly made from stainless steel to stand the test of time, making it easy to clean. We love...

6. Ebern Designs Brecker Free Standing Towel Rack

Ebern Designs Brecker Free Standing Towel Rack in black standing in grey tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Ebern)

This leaning towel rack looks like a ladder, and although it's not made for climbing into your loft, it is undoubtedly handy for holding your towels – wet or dry. With a sleek black wooden frame, it takes up a minimal amount of space in your bathroom, especially if you already have an empty wall you can imagine it leaning against. With 4 separate bars for your towels to hang, it will definitely ensure your bathroom looks tidy, all whilst adding a minimalist touch. An understated option for only the most stylish of bathrooms.

7. John Lewis & Partners Bamboo Towel Stand

John Lewis & Partners Bamboo Towel Stand

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Part of John Lewis' ANYDAY range, this budget-friendly towel rack certainly doesn't compromise on style – or durability. It's made from bamboo with enough space for two or more towels to hang to dry, and it will be sure to add warmth to a bathroom that perhaps needs it. There's plenty more matching bamboo bathroom furniture available so that you can invest in a complete set if you wish. This towel rail, although it takes up floor space, will definitely add a relaxing vibe to your bathroom. We stay to style it beside your tub.

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Still in search of the perfect towel rail or rack for your bathroom? Whether that's a freestanding modern option or a large wall-mounted rack, you can browse plenty more options at our favourite retailers below.

How to know which towel storage I should choose?

The super-useful towel rack is just one of the best bathroom storage ideas that you need to make use of in this space. But, with lots of options out there, it can be difficult to know which style you should go for. Here's what we say:

Freestanding towel racks

Opt for a freestanding towel rack if you have enough bathroom floor space to spare. These are great for adding a touch of luxury, and they can usually offer two to three rails for your wet towels to hang. Opt for a material that's easy to wipe clean.

Wall-mounted towel racks

If you can drill holes into your walls or tiles, then a wall-mounted towel rack is a great option. It means that you'll free up floor space, whilst housing your towels up high and away from inquisitive hands.

Ladder towel racks

A happy medium option for those with a little bit of floor space to spare, use a ladder towel rack to hang your towels whilst using a minimal amount of space. Simply enough, you need only an empty wall to lean this ladder, and it can usually hold three or more towels.

Over-the-door towel racks

Should your bathroom door be able to swing all of the way open, then it might be a smart idea to invest in an over the door towel rack. This rids the need to drill any holes in your walls or take up floor space. The best of both worlds.

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