Experts reveal the only two cleaning products you actually need for a spotless home

Are you overcomplicating your cleaning routine?
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  • When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your home, you can put down the Dettol wipes and Zoflora. Cleaning with soap is enough to keep your home safe from COVID-19.

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    On the Channel 4 Coronavirus special of ‘How clean is your house‘, A&E doctor, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim and virologist, Dr Lisa Cross revealed that a bottle of fairy liquid is all you need to disinfect your home.

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    ‘When it comes to inactivating the coronavirus we really only need two products in our arsenal. A correctly diluted bleach solution or soap and water’ explains Dr Javid. ‘Both methods are equally effective, they just work in different ways.’

    Cleaning with soap

    ‘Liquid hand soap, a bar of soap or washing up liquid all have the same effect, destroying the virus’ protective outer layer and inactivating the virus,’ explains Dr Javid.

    ‘Soap and water are hugely versatile and particularly suitable for destroying the virus on items that come into contact with a spoon, and for cleaning children’s toys,’ he adds.

    Bleach is equally as effective as soap for killing the virus. However, as it is more toxic you have to be extremely careful about which surface you use it on.

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    Cleaning with bleach

    ‘Biologically speaking the coronavirus is very simple,’ explains Dr Javid. ‘It is a bit of genetic code surrounded by a fatty membrane with protein spikes. Bleach works by destroying these proteins on the outer layer and disrupting its genetic material.’

    ‘Bleach is good for high traffic spots with hard surfaces, like light switches, most floors and worktops,’ he adds. ‘Always use gloves and make sure you follow instructions on how to dilute the bleach and how long to leave it in contact with the surface you are treating. And remember to rinse off after use.’

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    ‘Always dilute bleach in a well-ventilated area, so always open the windows,’ Dr Lisa adds.

    Speaking about how to use soap and bleach to successfully disinfect a home, Dr Javid explains: ‘Disinfecting is a two-stage process, first remove the dirt with a wet cloth. Then you wipe again with either soap and water or diluted bleach.’

    ‘The first clean is getting rid of any organic matter. The second time you go over it is disinfection. We need to remove debris, so the soap or bleach can make good contact with the virus.’

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    Will you be ditching your fancying disinfecting products for a simple bottle of washing up liquid?

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