Lynsey Queen of Clean warns against a fabric cleaning tip that could ruin your sofa

Step away from the washing machine
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  • How to clean a fabric sofa is something of a mystery in most households. My mum still has her white sofa wrapped up in blankets for fear of what she’d do if our dirty feet got on it.

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    With most fabric sofas there is the option to take the covers off and pop them in the washing machine – the preferred method of TV presenter Anthea Turner. However, cleaning expert and Instagram sensation Lynsey Queen of Clean warns that you should avoid this method if you can.

    how to clean a sofa

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    ‘You can take the covers off and wash them, but it ruins them,’ she tells Ideal Home. ‘I always find the covers don’t go on the same. It almost looks out of shape.’

    Instead, Lynsey has a method for cleaning her sofa without removing the covers. It will work a treat on any fabric sofa whether the covers come off or not.

    How to clean a fabric sofa

    ‘I steam clean mine,’ Lynsey explains. ‘So if you have a handheld steamer. blast it with steam.’

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    ‘What steam will do is it will refresh it. It will kill any germs and bacteria that’s in the sofa. And if there are any stains on there, it will help the stain lift,’ she adds.

    Sadly, the steam cleaner won’t remove the stain completely. You will need to go back over it with a stain removal product.

    You don’t need to be steaming your sofa every week. Lynsey recommends giving your fabric sofa a good vacuum and light steam every other week.

    handheld steam cleaner

    ‘I’m talking about drenching your sofa because that would be disgusting. I always say when using your steam cleaner, always think of a 30 cm ruler and try to keep that distance away from the fabric,’ Lynsey explains. ‘That will refresh and clean it up for you.’

    You can pick up a handheld steam cleaner for about £30. One of our favourites is the Beldray 10-in-1 Handheld Steam Cleaner. Priced at £29.99, it will clean everything from upholstery to your bathroom.

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    Will you be following Lynsey’s advice and adding a steam cleaner to your cleaning routine?

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