Dad transforms cabinets into the coolest bed ever with fantastic IKEA hack

New IKEA hack DIY project shows how to remodel kitchen cabinets into platfrom bed with extra storage

If you asked for a new bed and your dad came home with seven IKEA kitchen cabinets, you would be quite concerned - and probably a bit confused.

However, the unique masterpiece that this father has created will certainly go down as one of the best IKEA hacks of all time.

DIY sensation, Chris Heider, transformed a few simple, cheap IKEA kitchen units into a raised platform bed with tonnes of storage for his daughter.

Complete with some chic steps, a dressed ledge and pretty doorknobs, we can see why this DIY project has gone viral on YouTube.

dad transforms cabinets into the coolest bed

(Image credit: TBC)

After measuring his daughter's double mattress, Chris calculated the number of cabinets needed to surround the bed and began constructing seven cabinets of different sizes, according to the instruction leaflets.

He then positioned the cabinets in the desired design and secured them to one another with extra thick screws to create a sturdy storage base.

Next, the bed base. Pine boards are attached to the wall and cabinets at the desired mattress height, with slots fitted across them at 3-inch intervals. Chris then placed the mattress on top, and -Voilà!

coolest bed ever with fantastic ikea hack

(Image credit: TBC)

Cunningly, one of the storage cabinets was not fitted with a back panel to allow for extra storage room that flowed under the mattress. The space was fitted with a light and a dock for lamps and phone chargers so that wires are hid discretely beneath the bed but still accessible.

The storage cabinets were then finished with fancy handles to transform the kitchen cabinets into chic bedroom cupboards. The top of the cabinets are covered in inexpensive panelling that matches the colour of the room, and the small steps leading up to the bed are coated with a rubber backed rug which has been cut to size and stuck down firmly.

See just how Chris created the masterpiece in his video below. And if you fancy giving an IKEA hack a go, don't miss our super-easy IKEA hack ideas that anyone can do.

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