Christmas flower arrangement ideas for all rooms

Feel inspired to fill your home with beautiful festive floral displays

dining table with colourful flower vases and candles
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Flowers are a fabulous way to add a touch of flourish to any room, especially at Christmas time. Considered Christmas flower arrangement ideas welcome both colour and fragrance to delight the senses, setting the scene for festive cheer.

From blooming Christmas table decoration ideas to welcoming bouquets in hallways, there's a flower arrangement to suit every living space.

Christmas flower arrangement ideas

'Working with flowers is a wonderful way to bring the outside in' says The Happy Blossom's Creative Director Lauren Hooper. 'Especially at Christmas time when there are so many beautifully scented and textured flowers to use in arrangements'.
'If you’re working with fresh flowers, you can make arrangements of any size: keeping it simple with just a couple of stems or going big with a whole kaleidoscope of colours.'

These Christmas flower arrangement ideas explore ways to style hallways, living rooms and even bedrooms with festive florals.

1. Set the scene with a statement hallway display

hallway with flower vase and candles

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Make a great first impression for guests with a beautiful Christmas flower arrangement idea in full view in your hallway.

'For large hallway bouquets to wow your guests when they arrive, the best way to do this is to place chicken wire over the top of large vessels or vases' advises The Happy Blossom's Lauren Hooper. 'Fill them a third of the way with water and place the foliage stems through the chicken wire first to create a grid effect.'

'Then add your flowers starting with the largest headed first, creating a structure before filling the gaps to finish your  design. Try using fresh cinerea eucalyptus for an incredible scent. Large headed garden roses for scent and the wow-factor. Tuberose for elegance, eryngium for texture. Lisianthus for softness, wax flower for delicate colour and anthurium for a pop of colour and character.'

2. Hang a bouquet on a bannister

staircase with bouquet on bannister

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Turn tradition on its head with this alternative Christmas stair decor idea. Hang a festive bouquet at the end of a hallway bannister, to add decoration and scent to the stairway.

Use a sturdy piece of twine to secure the flowers in place around the newel post, then add a colourful ribbon, coordinated to the flowers, to add an elegant finish. Ensure the arrangement is well-tied to prevent any stems from falling out. Turn some of the sprigs up the wrong way to avoid only the stems from being visible from above.

3. Wow with colour for a centrepiece

white table with flower vase and red candles

(Image credit: Blooming Haus)

To add real wow to your festive tablescaping why not try a Christmas table centrepiece idea bursting with colour? Choose a vibrant colour palette to set the scene for fine dining.

Add to the drama by choosing flowers which break away from traditional Christmas choices. ' We have used a combination of dahlias' explains Blooming Haus' Michal Kowalski, Master Florist.

offering advice on how to create the perfect display Michal adds, 'The flowers need to be at different heights. Start with longer stems and place a couple in the middle and at the front. Always work in groups and place similar flowers together.'

4. Match the table arrangement to chair settings

christmas flower arrangement on a green themed table with green tablecloth chairs and plates with white candles flickering

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

Make a style statement with an understated flower arrangement. choosing a soft, natural colour scheme to add depth and interest to the wider decorating scheme. A fine example of where to use this approach is with the festive dining table. '

Go simple with stems of eucalyptus and berries in your favourite colour arranged into vases or as one large bouquet' advises Lauren Hooper at The Happy Blossoms. 'Another simple and affective arrangement is one or two stems in bud vases scattered throughout the centre of your dining table. Try adding some ribbon around the neck of  the bud vases for a festive touch.'

Enhance the table arrangement with simple swags on adorning the back of the dining chairs – simple but chic.

5. Welcome on-trend pampas grass

christmas flower arrangement using dried flowers on a white and brown natural theme kitchen table setting

(Image credit: LK Verdant)

Dried flowers are back in fashion, and in a big way! Try an alternative Christmas flower arrangement idea by choosing dried stems to create a show-stopper with a difference. 'Pampas grass is everywhere, it’s been trending for a long time, so why not add it to your display?' suggests Raysa Farah, founder of online flower delivery service LK Verdant.

'Its fluffy and angelic nature is effortless and it adds an element of fun to any dried flower arrangement. It will provide your creation with focal points, even though it will be evenly distributed.'

Plus a dried arrangement isn't just for Christmas! 'For those who want a display that is longer lasting, dried is the way to go' Raysa agrees. 'A dried arrangement like this will add a touch of glamour to your home now, and well beyond Christmas and the New Year - and it’s a creation like this which rarely goes out of style.'

6. Be bold with colour choices

christmas flower arrangement in tones of pink peach and purple on a table setting of the same theme with candles and mince pies and a fireplace burning in the background

(Image credit: The Happy Blossoms)

'With bright colourful trends being incredibly popular in 2021, using festive tones with a variety of vibrant and pastel colours brings a modern pop to the festive season' says Lauren Hooper at The Happy Blossoms. 'Try pairing peaches, pinks and lilacs with champagne and copper rather than traditional red and green this Christmas.

7.  Add alternative cacti arrangements

christmas flower arrangement containing cacti sitting on a bright windowsill

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The Christmas cacti is trending, meaning this idea is sure to be a popular choice. This christmas flower arrangement idea is ideal for those who have a tendency to kill off anything green, because these hardy plants can handle the warmer indoor temperatures and require very little upkeep.

'Avoid draughts and hot spots near radiators or fires too. Instead, display them somewhere that’s bright yet maintains a steady temperature' advises Chris Bonnett from

8. Cheer up bedside tables with blooms

christmas flower arrangement sitting on a bedside table in a bedroom that has white wallpaper with brown and green owl and leaf pattern

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Brittain)

Ensure guests feel suitably festive when they awaken by dressing the beside tables with a simple Christmas flower arrangement idea. These can be flowers foraged from your own garden or a bouquet styled by professionals, it's the sentiment that counts.

Welcoming fresh flowers to the bedroom shows the attention to detail that has gone into ensure a happy stay for friends and family.

9. Adorn the mantel with traditional blooms

christmas flower arrangement in a glass fishbowl sitting an a grey marble mantle alongside a gold tray lit up by candles

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Captivate with a traditional florist's bouquet, ideal for displaying in Christmas living room decors, hallways and even kitchens to welcome fresh fragrance and a burst of colour.

A hearty flower arrangement can stand alone as a show-stopping piece. If you are pairing with a garland, say on a mantelpiece, keep the other foliage simple and understated to avoid diluting the impact of your 'wow' flower arrangement.

10. Style your arrangement according to placement

christmas flower arrangement sitting on a small coffee table on top of a patterned rug

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

When making your own arrangement be mindful of where you want to display your flowers, to determine where to start. 'It’s best to decide where you want to put your flowers before creating the arrangement' advises Caroline Grimble, Lead Florist, Bloom & Wild.

'Do you want these on a mantelpiece where you’ll only see all the flowers from the front? Or do you want to see all the way around the arrangement because it’s going to be on a coffee or dining table? And if you are creating lots of posies to dot down the dining table, remember that people will need to be able to see over them.'

11. Style traditional scented red roses

christmas flower arrangement containing red roses and pinecones sitting on a table with a white tablecloth and plates

(Image credit: LK Verdant)

'Red roses are the perfect feature flowers for any floral display' says Raysa Farah, founder of online flower delivery service LK Verdant. 'They represent love, romance, and most importantly, warmth - which is exactly what your Christmas or winter-themed arrangement should embody. They vary in style and scent, and their velvet finish will allow you to make a statement within your plush display.'

'Twigs and acorns add depth to floral arrangements and make for the perfect finishing touches' Raysa adds. 'Acorns represent autumn, winter and Christmas to a lot of people, so using them in your festive-themed display is a no-brainer, if you want to create something that is seasonal and on-trend. Their earthy scent and detail draws people’s attention.'

12. Embrace eucalyptus and winter berries

christmas flower arrangements of eucalyptus in a clear blue vase and holly in a blue pot sitting on a wooden table

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Forage seasonal foliage and place in small vases to create a simple flower arrangement to dress coffee tables, mantels and more. 'If simple is more your thing then try combining fresh eucalyptus with white hypericum berries or ilex berries for a modern and sleek display' suggests Lauren Hooper at The Happy Blossoms.

'Eucalyptus also looks stunning in a vase on it’s own! If you’re working with dried flowers you can add some sparkle by incorporating gold or silver painted wheat and glittery Ruscus.'

13. Forage flowers from the garden

blue purple and pink theme living room with dark blue walls white mantle wooden and black dining table and a decorated christmas tree with matching wreath hanging on the wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Look to your own back garden to forage for flowers to add to your Christmas decorating scheme. Using a blousy floral like hydrangeas will welcome a large-scale flower to add depth, as well an accent colour that coordinates or contrasts your colour scheme – depending on the look you want.

Adding real flower heads to an artificial garland or wreath adds realism to practical faux foliage decorations. Because the flowers will droop in the heat without water be sure to add the foraged flowers on the morning when you want them to look best.

14. Welcome flowers to dress a party table

a table with pink tablecloth and an assortment of flower arrangements with pink and colourful tones candles on the table and hanging paper decorations

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Go all out when it comes to hosting a festive party by adding an abundance of different Christmas flower arrangement ideas, in all different colours to inject vibrancy the decor.

'The bright and unusual stems in our Holly and Leela bouquets make for the perfect festive party arrangement' says Caroline Grimble, Lead Florist at Bloom & Wild.

'For Christmas, I think that the more foliage the better! Filling the home with winter foliage is the fastest way to make it look, feel, and smell like Christmas.'

15. Get creative with tablescaping

christmas flower arrangement on a red and gold themed table with a large gold star hanging off the wall and a wreath on a red wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Max Attenborough)

'If you want to intersperse your tablescape with flowers from the garden, look to the winter clematis, with its evergreen foliage it will really add gloss to your arrangement' suggests Blooming Haus' Master Florist Michal Kowalski.

'The shrub sarcococca with its fragrant flower is in abundance during the winter months, or our favourite, hellebores, which look charming in a winter tablescape. It may look dainty in appearance, but is quite sturdy and will last, so make use of them. The first to appear in the garden is the Christmas rose, and can appear just before Christmas, hence its name.'

'If your roses are coming to an end in the garden, they can easily be picked up at most florists. They work particularly well in an autumn and winter arrangement and if you’re going for a traditional look, select brilliant red and white roses to harmonise with the coming festive season.'

16. Create a rustic garland

christmas flower arrangement draped over a white mantlepiece with a gold star and red and white present

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Who doesn't love a fresh flower garland, draped over a mantelpiece or cascading down the stairs? 'Garlands are a stunning and traditional way to decorate your home during the festive season' says Lauren Hooper at The Happy Blossoms.

'Make a garland out of foraged pine, attaching it to a length of rope using twine. This is the perfect decoration to trail down the banister or hang above a fireplace. Keep your garland simple or adorn  it with beautiful foraged decorations such as cones and dried foliage.'

17. Create a Christmas wall garland

christmas flower arrangement of a dried flower garland hung up on a peach coloured wall above a woodburner fireplace

(Image credit: The Happy Blossoms)

Up your Christmas wall decor ideas with flower power. 'Another way to display dried flowers is to make a hanging decoration' suggests Lauren Hooper at The Happy Blossoms. 'Dried flowers sit perfectly when grouped into bunches and tied with string, an ideal decoration to hang above a mantlepiece or along a wall. This is our dried flower decoration kit.',

Buy now: Dried Flower Decoration Kit, £38, The Happy Blossoms

What are common floral arrangements for Christmas?

'For the run-up to Christmas, we still find clients want tradition' says Michal Kowalski at Blooming Haus. 'True to the reds and greens associated with the winter solstice and Christmas we will use the best materials that make for a festive tablescape or bouquet.'
'Evergreens such as spruce, fir, pine, holly or other winter foliage like eucalyptus will look particularly festive, plus they will add longevity to any arrangement.'

'Other wintery material include brunia, dusty miller, coupled with gorgeous white hellebores. Very popular is red amaryllis, which can give off a lovely aroma and looks stunning on a Christmas dinner table set up.'

How do you make a Christmas flower arrangement?

Save money on a Christmas flower arrangement by making your own.

'Before you start, make sure you have all your selected materials to hand, as this will make the building process easier' advises Blooming Haus' Master Florist Michal Kowalski. 'Take a bowl, big enough to fit an arrangement of flowers and foliage. Shallow bowls allow for wider arrangements, while taller bowls or vases will be suitable for a more upright style.'

Place a kenzan, otherwise known as a flower frog in the bowl' Michal advises. Explaining how a kenzan works very much in the same way as floral foam, but is less harmful for the environment. Plus it can be used over and over again.

'Next, take some chicken wire and scrunch in a ball and place over the kenzan. You will find the chicken wire can be moulded and will hold your flowers in place.'

small gold pot plant with a leafy green plant being moulded by chicken wire

(Image credit: Blooming Haus)

'Your arrangement will need foliage to add colour and a base for your floral arrangement. For a winter tablescape use hardy foliage which can be found in the garden, such as magnolia or camellia' Michal advises. 'They will last longer and provide the tablescape with contrasting textures.'

'Place the foliage in first creating different heights, the idea is to craft a natural staggered arrangement. Don’t be tempted to put too much foliage in, but just enough to break up your flowers. This also provides additional support for all your flowers.'

'Arrange all of the stems as a mirror reflection, split down the middle' advises Raysa. 'However you style the left side, do the same on the right side – mirror the placements. This allows the overall aesthetic to differ from the everyday display - it’s quirky and unusual. Remember to space each element out evenly. Start with the statement pieces, use varying sizes, and slot everything else in around them.'

The main thing to consider for any element of fresh foliage and flowers is to keep them well watered. Chang the water and cut the end of the stems every 2-3 days to open them up, to make taking in water easier.


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