How to make a Christmas present sack

Embracing the craft trend? Follow Country Homes & Interiors' step-by-step guide on how to make a Christmas present sack

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Fancy making your own Christmas present sack this year? Follow Country Homes & Interiors' step-by-step guide on how to make a How to make a Christmas present sack.

You will need

* 1m main fabric, at least 137cm wide (we used Cape Stone, ref CP7, £95 per metre, De Le Cuona)
*0.5m velvet fabric for letter (we used Lido, ref 6340112, £49.90 per metre, Casamance)
* 2.5m cord (£2.32 per metre, VV Rouleaux)
* 2 pompoms (£2.16 for two, VV Rouleaux)
* Tacking thread
* Matching thread

christmas sack with white background thread

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How to make a Christmas present sack

1) Cut a 130cm wide by 95cm long rectangle in main fabric. Draw out a 40cm high letter on a piece of newspaper, cut out and use as a template to cut your velvet letter.

2)Wrong sides facing, fold the main fabric in half by bringing the two
short edges together. Allowing for a 2.5cm seam down one side and along
the bottom, position the letter centrally across the width around 20cm
from the bottom. Pin in place all round through one layer of main fabric
only, open out the fabric then tack. Remove pins.

3) Use buttonhole or zigzag stitch to appliqué the letter, carefully machine stitching over all the raw edges. Remove tacking.

4) Open out the fabric and re-fold and pin, this time with right sides facing. Starting 8.5cm from the top of the raw edge side, machine stitch
taking a 2.5cm seam, working all down the side and continuing along the
bottom. Tack along the 8.5cm of unstitched seam line. Remove pins and
trim and press open seam allowances.

5) To make a channel
for the cords, turn down 12.5cm along the top and pin and press along
the fold. Turn the raw edge under by 2.5cm and pin and press again.
Removing pins as you go, machine stitch all round the top edge three
times: once at 5mm from the top edge; once at 4cm from the top edge and
once 2mm from the turned under edge.

6) Carefully tease
open the seam to reveal the tacking between the 4cm stitching line and
the 2mm stitching line. Remove the tacking to create openings for
threading the cord (see main illustration).

7) Cut a 2.4m
length of cord and push a large safety pin carefully and securely
through one end. Fasten the pin. Push the safety pin into one of the
channel openings at the top of the sack. Tease the pin along the
channel, taking the cord with you as you go and gradually working the
fabric over the pin as you push it along. Continue working all round the
top of the sack until the pin appears at the opposite channel opening.
Pull out the pin and continue pulling through the cord until you have an
equal amount at each end - check by smoothing out the fabric along the
channel so that there is no ruching.

8) Tie the cords
together with a loose knot 15cm from the channel openings. Tie the
pompoms in place around the loose knot and tighten to secure in place.
Knot the cords together again, this time 5cm from the cut ends.

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