How to make paper bird decorations

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  • Follow Country Homes & Interiors' step-by-step guide to making Christmas decorations

    Christmas is fast approaching, so why not get organised and make your very own decorations?

    We love these paper birds from Country Homes & Interiors – perfect for adding homespun style to your Christmas tree. Fancy making them yourself? Simply follow our step-by-step guide:

    What you’ll need

    * Paper for template
    * Medium weight plain coloured card for the body
    * PVA glue
    * Two 1cm-diameter buttons for eyes
    * Heavy weight patterned or plain coloured paper for the wings (try HobbyCraft)

    Use this illustration as a guide when making your template. Michael A Hill

    1) Make a paper template for the bird’s body using the
    illustration (pictured) as a guide. Enlarge the shape so that the bird
    measures 14cm from the tip of the beak to the tip of the lower tail. Cut
    out the template.

    2) Use the template to draw a bird shape in card and cut out.

    Carefully snip out a 0.5cm by 1.5cm slot for the wings as indicated on
    the template. Just above the slot, use a hole punch to create a hole for
    threading the ribbon.

    4) Glue on buttons for the eyes as indicated on the template and leave the glue to dry.

    Cut a 20cm square of patterned or coloured paper. Using a metal ruler
    and one blade of a pair of scissors, score along the square at 1cm
    intervals until you reach the bottom. Concertina-fold the paper along
    the score lines, hold the folds at one end and then work along the
    length of the paper with thumb and forefinger to compress the folds into
    a neat, workable strip.

    6) Holding the folds together
    between thumb and forefinger at one end, push the paper through the slot
    on the bird’s body (see illustration below), stopping half way. Fan out
    the folds to form the wings.

    Christmas decorations from Country Homes & Interiors

    7) Thread the narrow ribbon through the punched hole in the bird’s body and tie in a knot 1cm from the end. Hang in place.

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