10 things everyone was thinking during episode 4 of The Great British Bake Off

From crème brûlakes to Sandy's unjust dessert, don't miss our round-up of last night's Great British Bake Off

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man looking at camera

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Alvin called Paul "sir" and my heart melted. Also the way he said "edible pansies" was cuter than a baby in a watering can.

woman with apron

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Why is Flora tuilling? What is tuilling? Why can't I tuille?

kitchen with counter

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Sandy having a wobble-off with Sue was the highlight of the season. Oh the Attenborough moment was even better. Now she's said cheeseslide. CHEESESLIDE! What a hoot.

bake off paul and mary

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Paul Hollywood's dubbed a cake "meringue fest". That sounds like something I definitely want to be a part of.

man with apron

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"Is Angel Delight from Austria?" No Matt, no it's not.

chef with apron and white background

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Ian's a genius.

man with back shirt

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Tamal's little dances every time he gets a compliment are beyond adorable.

woman with pink shirt and background

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"Ombre-style frosting." Maybe not.

woman in black dress

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An elevating pop can cake with meringue-style bubbles? That's never going to work. She can't possibly... oh my God it's amazing.

man with dark shirt and white background

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Paul's proud face when he won the technical was like a little kid on Christmas morning. What a treat.


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