13 unusual things to hang on your wall

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  • From hats to squirrels - these wall hangings certainly add character

    We’re all for injecting some personality into your space, so take a look at these quirky and wonderful wall hangings – they sure do add an individual touch.

    From clever displays of collections and curiosities to a fabulous mix of unusual artwork, there are plenty of ways give your home (and your walls) plenty of character.

    Take a look at our list of 13 individual ideas that are super easy to recreate in your own space…

    1. This large seat cushion cum wall hanging is definitely one way to soften up a scheme

    2. Bring the outdoors inside with these statement squirrel-themed wall lights

    3. Retro cameras have been put to good use in this unusual wall display.

    4. You may not be able to take a seat, but this chair does provide extra space for bits and bobs.

    5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

    6. This wire dressmakers dummy is definitely one for fashion lovers – ideal as a quirky addition to a teenage girl’s bedroom.

    7. Make your doodles as unusual as you like, then wipe the slate clean when you’re bored of them – genius!

    8. These hats are perfectly placed to grab when heading out the door. We love their varying sizes and shapes, too!

    9. Pretty and girly – why not devote an entire wall to a mix of colourful hanging lights?

    10. Embrace the woodland trend with this super cute stags head. The textured fabric and two-tone colour palette makes it the perfect accessory for a child’s bedroom.

    11. This homemade box frame complete has been turned into a bird lover’s paradise.

    12. Fishing reels are given an arty feel with this wall display. We love this utilitarian feel of this stunning collection.

    13. There are no words…(although we’re suprisingly drawn to the taxidermy head complete with tiara!)

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