5 ways to modernise your country home

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  • Make your country house a chic and sleek retreat

    1, Raise the roof…

    …and we don’t just mean
    metaphorically! Rural homes tend to be built fairly low, so embrace the
    space the lack of upstairs neighbours brings and extend those ceiling
    heights. The family above cleverly make the room appear even larger by
    sticking to a monochrome palette – and while the Hackney Station sign
    reminds of the city, by using railway sleepers as stairs, the owners
    merge the urban and rural together.

    2, Use sleek materials

    Instead of sticking to chunky
    oak tables and AGAs, try going to a more city-slick approach with your
    kitchen. The owners here embraced stainless steel cabinets and a full
    height blackboard wall, adding an industrial edge. As a homage to the
    area’s history, the island here is made out of reclaimed wood from the
    local parish hall.

    3, Open up to the light

    Add in full height windows to ensure light reaches everywhere in your country pad. White walls and pale floors will enhance every beam of sunlight and prove everyone who thought country homes are all dark very wrong.

    4, Be prepared for guests

    Trust us, as soon as your friends realise you have a country house, you’ll be inundated with guests – and probably end up hosting a lot of parties. The trick to keeping these city-style? Dark, vintage-style bars. A wine cellar is all well and good but, really, that’ll just keep you away from your gorgeously decorated rooms every time you need a new bottle of Merlot!

    5, Enjoy the view!

    Above all, make your rural house a place you want to be. Try a minimal bathroom like the one above, with sleek slats and clean lines in perfect contrast to the rolling landscape out the window. Now, pour in some bath oils and relax…

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