5 worrying signs you could be an animal hoarder

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  • Have you taken your love of pets too far? Here’s 5 worrying signs you could turn into an animal hoarder…

    If you’ve ever seen Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Pick TV you’ll know how serious hoarding pets can be. Here at Housetohome we’re slightly animal mad (we’ve got 9 cats between us) but after watching the show we’ve come to realise how our love of animals may not be the healthiest thing. Ok, so the term ‘animal hoarding’ may be a bit extreme, but it nevertheless got us thinking about the love we have for our four-legged friends. So have we taken it too far? Here are 5 worrying signs you could turn into an animal hoarder…

    You crave the attention and affection of the animals

    All of us love to stroke our dogs/kittens/rabbits when they sit on our laps, but sometimes our need for affection can go too far. Do you chase your animal around the house longing for cuddles? Do you sleep with your pet on (or in)
    your bed? Maybe it’s time to shut the door and get some uninterrupted 40 winks

    You are addicted to kittens, puppies or simply acquiring new pets

    Don’t you just love it when your kitten is only a few months old and they have to learn how to walk/clean themselves/play? We all love pets when they are babies, but sooner or later they grow up into big strong adults who grumble when they are picked up. Most animal hoarders are addicted to acquiring new pets, and kittens are the cutest of them all.

    You prefer their company to anyone else

    Don’t you love that moment when you arrive home and your friendly four-legged friend runs to the door to greet you. It’s easy to see why we love them, but let’s face it, it’s a bit weird if we favour their company over humans.

    You love the idea of rescuing animals

    Do you feel a strong need to rescue animals from shelters, friends who can’t care for them and other situations? If you also find it hard to refuse any new animals, it could be a problem. The serial animal rescuer is only a few steps away from becoming an animal hoarder.

    You treat your animals like humans

    Do you refer to yourself as ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ and talk to them like your babies? Do your colleagues at work groan every time you go on about pickles’ fuzzy eating habits? If both of these ring true, maybe it’s time to stop treating them like your kids!

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