6 reasons to love living in a purpose-built flat

From high rises to new build's we love our purpose-built flat, and here's why...

From practical spaces to simple layouts, there are plenty of reasons to love living in a purpose-built flat. Properties built specifically as apartments gained popularity during the Victorian era, now there are many different types, from the striking high rises of the Barbican centre to the Neo-classical Peabody flats, all of them have their own look and unique benefits. Here's all the reasons why we love them...

1. Layout

living room with black sofa and wooden coffee table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Douglas Gibb)

The great thing about purpose-built flats is that were designed specifically with the living space in mind. Normally you get a good size living room and bedrooms and then a smaller kitchen and bathroom.This makes it the ideal home - especially for sharers - no more arguing about who's getting the biggest bedroom!

2. They're practical

living room with white sofa magenta rug and white walls

(Image credit: TBC)

What's not to love about a purpose-built pad when you get simple square rooms which are super easy to decorate?

3. Communal space

garden area with plants and stairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Allan Pollok-Morris/Homes & Gardens)

Ok, not all purpose-built flats have gardens, but they do often share a stairwell (good from a security point of view), recycling centre, parking and sometimes even an estate building or communal gym. And for you lucky few who do have a garden... enjoy. If you're living in a city centre you'll appreciate just how much of a god send this is in the warm summer months.

4. Energy/cost efficient

building with brick walls and grass ground

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Rachael Smith, Terry Hill)

Since you are surrounded by flats on either side (or above and below), you benefit from the warmth and insulation of the surrounding properties. Bills and utilities can often work out cheaper and the service charge is a breeze as it's shared by all of you. Result!

5. Solid structure

living room with sofa armchair and bird cage

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Antony Crolla)

The official definition of a purpose-built flat is a self-contained residential unit. And the simple fact is there are built to be flats. We love our solid, stable and safe purpose-built pad.

6. Community

building with vehicles and grass ground

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Douglas Gibb)

You share the same door, same post area and plenty of other things which means you know everyone's name and (sometimes) their interests, too.

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