Country carpet ideas that tick the boxes for colour, pattern and texture

Step out in style on soft flooring. Check out 7 of the best country carpet ideas, shortlisted by the Ideal Home team

As heating bills rise, and comfort teamed with insulation becomes ever more important, carpet is enjoying something of a renaissance. But how to pick flooring with the right rustic look? Our country carpet ideas should help.

While subtle natural tones will always be big sellers owing to their versatility, patterns are becoming much more popular as people seek to put their own stamp on their interiors. What would you go for?

1. Subtle pattern

brintons carpet in dining area with white walls

(Image credit: Brintons)

A muted stone colour makes this houndstooth rug an easy trend to live with. The pattern feels completely different depending on the colour you choose, so it's a versatile choice. 

It's appropriate for heavy domestic use, too, so you can use it throughout your home, from hallway to playroom.

2. Natural selection

room with carpet and white door

(Image credit: Ulster carpets)

Wool doesn't have to be dyed to look its best. Nature has gifted us with different breeds of sheep each with individual and beautifully coloured fleeces. 

By blending these fleeces, a broad colour bank can be created of entirely natural colours, a technique used to create the different stunning designs in this range.

3. Chic stripes

chic stripes

(Image credit: Crucial Trading)

Stripes are hot news when it comes to floors. As people have become more comfortable using colour, the popularity of stripes has soared, and stripes are now best sellers. 

They are particularly good for elongating or widening a smaller space and make an attention-grabbing statement to transform a room.

4. Statement plain

room with Flock carpet

(Image credit: Flock)

Make a bold statement with texture for a fresh take on plain carpet. The graduated effect adds interest without the need for a dominant pattern. 

This demand for textural patterns in carpets is part of the wider trend in interiors for layers of texture.

5. Rustic luxe sisal

rustic luxe sisal

(Image credit: TBC)

A metallic finish brings an old favourite up to date. Sisal dyes easily and can take on these lustrous gold and silver colours. It is also a fine fibre with a subtle sheen. 

The design brings tonal variation, texture and depth to this wonderful natural fibre, chiming with the trend for modern rustic style.

6. Practical seagrass

kersaint cobb carpet

(Image credit: Kersaint Cobb)

Seagrass is one of the most practical natural weaves, being naturally stain and spill resistant. This kind of floor is the perfect choice for high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways. 

Seagrass has a wonderfully tactile texture and only gets better with age.

7. Classic coir

room with white wall and carpet

(Image credit: TBC)

A herringbone weave in coir introduces a subtle traditional pattern to a hallway. Coir comes in an array of shades, from soft gold to husky brown hues. 

Made from coconut husk fibres, coir flooring offers an affordable country look that is resilient and great at hiding dust and dirt.