7 cool ways to style indoor plants

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  • Add some wow to your house plants with these 7 cool style ideas

    There are plenty of stylish ways to bring some wild life inside, check out these seven great ideas by Livingetc for everything from tiny herbs to trees.

    1. Plants engulfing furniture

    Position a plant that crawls around a solid structure for it to cling to and become entwined with. These leaves create a bright green frame around this modern concrete basin, which stands out against the dark grey walls and creates a wild, overgrown vibe.

    2. Hanging herbs

    Nowhere to house your herbs? Forget window boxes and go with something ultra modern like these gravity-defying hanging vases. Place them in your kitchen or over your dining table for quick, easy access to the freshest of garnishes.

    3. Jungle room

    Create an indoor garden by spreading potted plants through an entire space. Mix up the sizes of leaves and vines for an overrun feel and vary the level of the plants by placing them on shelves, tables and other surfaces as well as the floor, so they exist harmoniously alongside your other decorative pieces.

    4. Living room divider

    Splitting a room into two different zones is a great way to make the most of a large open plan space. Ease the transition between them by creating a wall of plants – kind of an indoor hedge – which will soften any sharp lines and make the divide gentle and serene.

    5. Indoor trees

    If you really love your leaves, go all out and bring a whole tree indoors. Small, potted trees can grow to stretch from floor to ceiling and create an interesting focal point to a (ideally high ceiling-ed) room – just remember to choose a spot with plenty of light.

    6. Leafy bathroom

    Give your bathroom a spa feel by cultivating a mini tropical forest with an abundance of houseplants. These big, leafy greens take on a life of their own in such large quantities – imagine lying back in the bath, window open and the leaves swaying in the breeze…

    7. Go green

    Match your houseplants to your furniture for the ultimate indoor greenery. Keep shapes organic like the curves on this pale green sofa and side tables and mix up the shades for a space that echeos nature in the most stylish of ways.

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