7 festival-inspired looks you’ll want in your garden this summer

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    The festival season is almost upon us. Hordes of music lovers will soon be donning their wellies for Glastonbury or their shades for Coachella. If you won’t be joining them this year, you can still recreate the festival feeling in your own garden.

    1) Canvas chairs

    A canvas chair is every festival-goer’s best friend. It’s often the only thing that stands between you and a soggy, muddy bum. They also make ideal seating for summer garden parties. And at the end of the day, you can just fold them away neatly in the shed.

    2) Teepees

    Follow in the Hunter-clad footsteps of the glamping set with a decadent, cushion-filled teepee. Like every true glamper, make sure you get someone else to put it up for you!

    3) Campfire

    Cosying around the campfire with a bunch of unwashed people you’ve just met is a key part of the festival experience. Unless you have a massive garden, it’s probably not a good idea to build a loose campfire at home, but you can still get that cosy fireside glow with a fire pit or chimenea. And the people you’re sharing the fire with are likely to be much cleaner, too.

    4) Paper lanterns

    Paper lanterns add a festive touch wherever you hang them, whether it’s to mark the boundaries of your festival campsite or inject a splash of colour into your outdoor space at home. Fill larger lanterns with flickering tealights or hang your trees with fairy lights – ideally solar-powered LED ones to up your eco credit.

    5) Flags

    Flags are an essential part of every savvy festival-goer’s kit. How else are you going to spot your friends in the crowd or find your way back to your tent after a few pear ciders? They’re a great way to add a bit of festival fun at home as well, and are a less twee alternative to bunting. Gnome-themed side table optional.

    6) Wicker sculptures

    Wicker sculptures are a staple piece of festival decor and tap into the current crafts trend. Give one a go in your garden and if you decide you don’t like it by the end of the summer, you can always copy the folks at Burning Man festival and take a match to it.

    7) Wellies

    Wellies are, without a doubt, most important item to take to any British festival. You probably won’t need to wear them in your garden unless you live on a farm, but you can turn a worn-out pair into quirky plant pots instead.

    And the best thing about creating the festival look at home? You won’t even have to lay eyes on a portaloo.

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