8 of the best shelving display ideas

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  • Try these top tips to display your treasured collections, beautifully

    Organisation is paramount to success. When considering display shelves, be realistic about the sort of
    homeowner you are; display shelves must be ordered, for instance, so
    aren’t right for fans of clutter. Tidiness is crucial, but beyond that
    get creative. Also when choosing objects, the only thing that matters is colour and shape
    and how they allow you to create an interesting composition. They should
    be carefully planned, but not look too contrived. Getting the right balance is key.

    1-Ornate addition A decorative armoire brings feminine softness to any room. It complements furniture with clean, modern lines (rather than classic-look pieces) to give an on-trend old-meets-new feel. Glass-fronted display storage requires order: use the visible shelves for decorative accessories and conceal practical pieces in the drawers below or elsewhere. Find a similar one-off cabinet at French Finds, frenchfinds.co.uk.

    2-Create a Statement Wallpaper hung behind shelving can create a focal point in a room, especially teamed with simple white china objects.

    3-Mix it up When organising your shelving displays, use a mixture of books and objects for more interest.

    4-On display Wall-hung shelves, painted in with the walls, are ideal for displaying art and objets as the storage almost melts into the background.

    5-Unexpected places- You can create a display in any room. This pretty kitchen sheving is a perfect piece to showcase a selection of tableware.

    6-All in the numbers – Breadboards? Even the simplest objects can look effective when displayed en masse.

    7-Colour co-ordinate – Declutter your children’s rooms and display their toys with these fab colourful tongue-and-groove shelves from Great Little Trading Co. They can be hung with the brackets either up or down
    and are available in a variety of colours. Hanging them low means that
    toys can be reached easily by little hands.

    8-Box clever – Home office essentials can be wall-mounted with these cubbyhole-style shelves and keep your desk clear from clutter. The addition of quirky nick nacks and old photos and postcards will give them added personality.


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