9 Top Dogs at home in Livingetc

We can’t believe how many dogs we feature in Livingetc – here are just a few of our favourites

dog with black table and chairs

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Visitors find the pet population at Lucy's home a little confusing. The bulldog ‘no, I'm not the miniature version actually' shares her cool glass and steel new build home with 31 pigeons, four flamingos, three squirrels, two poodles and a pig. ‘But they're all fake and I'm living, breathing, barking, real,' she woofs happily.

dog with stairway and grey wall

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Dillon the Parson Russell Terrier can't quite believe his luck at ending up in such a lovely luxe home that just oozes cool design ideas. He's cleverer than that shaggy coat implies though, landing a high end modelling job that regularly keeps him in doggy chews.

dog with wooden table and photo frame

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Riley the rescue dog is a big adventurer and his glamorous converted factory home makes the perfect hunting ground. So, it's not entirely surprising that he misjudged a leap and a bound and ended up breaking a leg. The result was a paw-to-shoulder plaster cast with a pink trim (oh the indignity, when blue is your colour.) That slowed him down for a bit, but, it's back to normal now - watch out next-door's cat.

living room with dog and wreath on wall

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‘The things a guy has to do to get his fair share of Bonio,' confides Max who looks very high bred, although his provenance is unknown. ‘First they put me in a necklace made of (fake) ivy, then I have to pretend to communicate with a wooden excuse-for-a-bird. But as it was a festive shoot - I got to hoover up plenty of mince pies and chocolate bon bons. On that occasion it was, as they say, ‘a dog's life'.

living room with dog and chair with fireplace

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‘Posing for pictures is such a bore', says Billy the Springer Spaniel. ‘But I get rewarded with yummy tit bits, so I suppose it's worth it'. In keeping with his human model-of-the-moment hero, David Gandy, Billy is pretty good at the ‘I just got out of bed' look.

bedroom with dog and sofa with cushions and cosy blanket

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Long-haired Chihuahua Pucci was definitely To the Manor Born, so just as well the bedroom in her fashionable home is appropriately opulent and indulgent. Chosen to match her owner's champagne and cashmere colour scheme, she doesn't suffer fools gladly. The postman's ankles are number one on her hit list, and delivery people in general get a hard time. She did allow a Fortnum's hamper through the door though - it had her name on it.

kitchen area with black dog and dinesen flooring with broom

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‘If you think you're going to trick me into posing for that camera, you'd better think again', says Socks the Cocker Spaniel. ‘I'm staying well hidden, behind this Bulthaup unit and not moving from my Dinesen flooring. ‘Ah, but if that's Doggie Chocs you're offering, I'll just poke my head out for a quick snap'.

dog bed with grey colour and dogs

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When you live in one of the most desirable homes in London, it's understandable that your doggy bed is designed to match. Only exactly the right shade of grey - is it Farrow & Ball Downpipe, or maybe nearer to Moles Breath? Elvis, the Parson Jack Russell and Pearl the whippet are most particular about colour matching. It's sheep-skinned lined of course, with their favourite bone-art displayed above. ‘Quite frankly, it's about time one got a bed of one's own' says Pearl. ‘Yeah, if you like,' says Elvis, ‘but the bone-art's mine.'

bedroom with white wall and dog with lamp on bedside table

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Dexter the Jack Russell may have a butter wouldn't melt look about him, but that aura of ‘I'm such a quiet, well-behaved dog,' belies the truth of the previous six hours where he ran riot in his very desirable contemporary-meets-period abode.
Tripping up the crew, crashing into the camera, eating the props and making a dash for it whenever the front door was open - all finally wore him down. ‘Now you've got your picture, I'm having 40 winks, if you don't mind', he bows out.

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