10 questions with...Abigail Ahern

In our new interview series, we talk to our favourite bloggers about their trend predictions and styles. Here, we meet Abigail Ahern...

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1. What’s your biggest trend prediction for 2017?

All things artisanal will be BIG in 2017. I’ve been championing this quiet revolution for a while. From beautiful hand carved cabinets to bamboo tables, giant urns and softly woven textile pieces that show a glimpse of the hands that created them – there’s a story and a thoughtfulness behind every one of these pieces. This is one of my most favourite trends as it resonates so much with me.

2. Which trend would you like to see the back of in 2017 – and why?

Minimalism! I’m a maximalist all the way, it makes life so much more fun.

3. Denim Drift and Greenery are colours of the year – which one would you choose?

I would go with Greenery. Some of my all-time favourite colour schemes are inky black or swampy grey walls, lifted with tons of green accents (mostly faux plants!) and some shots of warm metallics.

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4. Paint or wallpaper – if you had to choose?

Paint, definitely. It’s the quickest, cheapest and single most transformative thing you can ever do to a room.

5. How can you introduce dark colour to a space?

Hold your nerve, go with your gut and never listen to what anyone else has to say! Colour is so very personal. When it comes to judging paint, never ever just go by the swatch card. It won’t do the colour justice or remotely reflect how it will look in your home For that, you’re going to need to paint out the biggest area you can with a sample pot. I would always paint out a whole wall, and live with that for a few days to see how you feel about it, and see how it looks in every light. When you go for bold hues it takes confidence. You won’t always get it right first time, so don’t panic.

6. Give us three tips to make a small room feel bigger:

Add mirrors - preferably supersized ones as it will make your space feel way bigger than it really is. Mirrors bring in extra light, expand horizons and add depth.

Get your furniture away from the wall. No matter how small the room, the minute you bring things in towards the centre (even by a few inches), you’ll change the whole atmosphere, create a breathing space and make your space appear bigger. Promise!

Create infinity - if you want to try a clever paint illusion, paint out all the walls, ceiling and even floor in the same colour. I’ve done it everywhere in my place – without any borders or horizons it expands the space. Biggest game-changing trick out there!

stone wall with cactus plants and chairs

(Image credit: future PLC/Graham Aktins-Hughes)

7. What’s the most common decorating mistake you see?

I think people stop decorating too soon. A home has to evolve over time to have a true sense of style and all those layers of history. The coolest homes always show off the personality of the people who live there, and you can’t get that je ne sais quoi cool by decorating-by-numbers or buying everything from any one store (even mine, I hate to say!). Don’t rush it, and enjoy the process.

8. When decorating a room, where should you spend your money and where should you NEVER cut corners?

When it comes to accessories, lighting and even art I'm happy to muddle in flea market finds. Style has nothing to do with money! I would never ever scrimp on paint, because with cheaper brands you always end up with a colour that’s just flat and then the whole room feels off. You need natural pigments for those beautifully rich, intriguing colours that are constantly shifting with the light.

9. What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought for your home?

I think I’d have to go for a painting that we picked up in a gallery in LA. My husband and I used to live near the Great Lakes in Michigan – the land of huge skies and a lot of water. This oil painting depicts those vast American skies I so love. Everytime I see it I’m reminded of my time there. It even made it on to the front cover of my Decorating with Style book.

10. Describe your style in three words:

Laid-back, edgy, glam

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