Organisers, cooking bowls and birdbaths: alternative uses for your Tupperware

See what your Tupperware can do...

Note: Tupperware parties are STILL a ‘thing' and have not been left in the 50's with archaic notions of housewives, soused herring and Hopalong Cassidy.

In fact, Tupperware pots are just as popular now as they were then. Worldwide sales revenues reached over £1.3 billion last year and Tupperware pots can be found in kitchens across more than 100 countries. Plus, there are more product lines out now than ever before so you have no reason to suffer mushed crudités or stale cereals ever again.

We wanted to show our appreciation for our plastic modular mates by looking at alternate uses for the handy pots so you can up your selling tactics next time you find yourself at a Tupperwareparty...

tupperware tiffin in multicolour

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Reuse it as a bin for the car

Ever found yourself on a long family road trip with crisp wrappers and sweet bag flying around the car giving off a salty smell and creating sticky fingers? Fill a Super Oval tub with a bin liner and use the lid as a barrier against mess and stench.

Use it as a cooking pot

New Tupperware products are designed for steaming vegetables and mixing salad, but believe it or not you can even use an old, basic pot as a cooking pot. Cook cakes, casseroles curries on a medium heat in the microwave.

Remodel it as a camera case

Maybe you've lost the Velcro camera bag or you're looking for something splash-proof? Small Tupperware pots are the perfect size for slotting a camera in and protecting it whilst on holiday or trekking through the countryside.

Organise all your odd bits and bobs

plastic storage box with battery and watch

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Whether it's nails and pins in the garage, batteries in the kitchen drawer or hair pins and lipsticks in the dressing room - Tupperware tubs keep all those little bits and pieces together in one place and not scattered round the house.

Keep your butter in a Tupperware

Forget fancy ceramic butter holders; upgrade from the ripped foil packaging and use a Tupperware pot to keep your butter fresh and well-formed. Make the butter easily accessible by serving on the lid and secure the tub over the spread when finished.

Reuse a Tupperware as a birdbath

Hang an old plastic bowl from some string and secure it to a branch to make the perfect birdbath, just in time for spring. You could equally fill it with bird feed and attract wildlife to your budding garden.

Make a First Aid kit

multicolour tiffin box with flower and cupcake

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Repurpose an old Tupperware by filling it with plasters, bandages and creams before distributing around the house, work place and car. They are far cheaper than buying multiple first-aid kits and you can fill then with personal medi-care needs.

Thea Babington-Stitt
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