Barking mad: Supermarket offers specially designed trolleys for pet pooches to travel in during the weekly shop

A supermarket in Italy has been dubbed the most pet-friendly in the world after offering specially designed trolleys for dogs

A supermarket called Unes of Luino, in northern Italy, has allowed customers to take their pooches shopping by offering specifically-designed
trolleys which have space for dogs to sit comfortably.

pet in trolley

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Since altering it's supermarket trolleys last month, scores of delighted pet owners have been visiting the store.

Each cart has been fitted with a special partitioned section with a solid bottom at the front.

white dog in trolley at supermarket

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Speaking to the Daily Star, owner of the grocery store, Gianfranco Galantini said he became fed
up of seeing canines tied up outside the shop while guests shopped.

added: "The owners of small dogs can avoid to leave them out and take
all the time necessary to make their purchases with peace of mind.

initiative was launched recently, but we have already noticed how much
you value your dogs. The space in which are placed the animals is of
course separated from the cart and is cleaned after each use.

far, no dog have given problems. The maximum someone barked the first
time I was put in the cart, but calmed down immediately."

Excited pet owners have been sharing cute pictures of the four-legged friends in the trolleys.

Philip Antoniou added on Facebook: "I
like this. My dog is well behaved and it's a shame I have to leave her
outside just because other people's badly behaved dogs have lead to dogs
being pretty much banned from everywhere."