Sneak a look at your favourite star's pad in these revealing celebrity interiors photos

From Kourtney Kardashian's chic living room to Swifty's HUGE apartment conversion, these celebrity interiors are out of this world

There's nothing more thrilling for celebrity interiors fans than a rare glimpse of a living room of kitchen peeking out from the side of a Snapchat video or a beautiful bathroom as the background for an Instagram selfie.

After employing the best interior designers and championing the hottest new trends, our favourite celebrities seem to live in spaces that look more like hotel suites than your average home... Check out the best of them!

Nicole Kidman's library

nicole kidman on brown sofaset and wooden bookshelf

(Image credit: TBC)

As a patriotic Australian who has lived and worked for years in the US, you can imagine Kidman's interior style is ‘global'. At her plantation-style Sydney pad, dark wood reigns supreme in the library. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves house the literary classics and worn-in leather sofas tie in with the trad look. A stars-and-stripes cushion keeps it cool and gives a nod to her country singer husband.

Paul Hollywood's dining room

dining room with wooden flooring and wooden dining table

(Image credit: TBC)

Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood loves to entertain and this rustic dining room is the perfect place to break bread with friends. There is a pretty decorative touch to the room with a crystal chandelier and fairy lights on the sideboard casting a warm glow onto the polished wooden finishes. Note the little masculine touches that bear all the hallmarks of GBBO's Alpha Male, a grandfather clock and the skull wall art.

Richard Branson's pool

swimming pool with blue water with sloping roof cottage

(Image credit: TBC)

British by birth, sun worshipper by choice. As soon as Richard could, he upped sticks and headed west to his famous Necker Island. Building his property portfolio in the British Virgin Islands, he's now acquired Moskito Island too and as you would expect from a location that enjoys year-round sunshine, the infinity pool is an important feature.

Mary Berry's kitchen

kitchen room with white wall and glass bowl with spoon

(Image credit: TBC)

The nation's favourite and Queen of the GBBO tent Mary Berry has a kitchen that is as classy and well put-together as her infamous bomber jacket ensembles. Painted wooden cabinets sit beneath a granite worktop to create a classic kitchen scheme while super chic pops of brass and verdant plants add interest and a modern twist.

Sarah Jessica Parker's entrance hallway

sarah jessica parker near wooden staircase

(Image credit: TBC)

While many of us know her as the most fashionable woman on the Upper East Side, Parker's real life realty is pretty chic too. After stepping over a regal purple threshold, a narrow entrance hall with gleaming parquet flooring welcomes you to her stylish home. Straight ahead you catch glimpses of bright furniture and bold pattern tiles show SJP is as quirky in her interiors as she is in her shoes!

Taylor Swift's living room

living room with wooden flooring and sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: TBC)

In one of the space-conscious cities in the world Taylor Swift had the luxury of purchasing three apartments and knocked them in to one huge pad. As a star known for her ever-increasing circle of celebrity BFFs she has added lots of seating with warm sofas in complimentary colours. The exposed industrial beams and and blood red walls show the singer's edgier side. Forget squad goals, it's all about living room goals.

John Legend's kitchen

kitchen room with kitchen sink and flower in vase

(Image credit: TBC)

As a successful singer/songwriter with homes across America and a model/cookbook author as a wife, you would be right to expect a spectacular kitchen. This cutting edge space in their New York flat channels dark rustic tones with punches of gold and that unique splash back that adds bags of soul to the scheme.

Buckingham Palace State Rooms

buckingham palace slate room with decadent chandeliers

(Image credit: TBC)

As you would expect from a Palace, this London pad is quite literally fit for a Queen. Boasting a repertoire of 775 rooms, 77,000 square meters and the most famous balcony in the world, the Victorian build is lacquered in regal reds, ostentatious golds, decadent chandeliers and a few family heirlooms along the way.

Kourtney Kardashian's living room

living room with windows having curtains

(Image credit: TBC)

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian has both informal and formal living rooms in her Calabasas home. With this monochrome marvel being the latter, it boasts some pretty special features including museum-worthy furniture, designer pieces and loads of limestone. The finished look is "chic but practical," says Kourtney.

Margaret Thatcher's study

study room with wooden book shelves

(Image credit: TBC)

When the late Prime Minister's home went on the market we were lining up to catch a view of that notorious study where many important calls were taken. Even after an extensive renovation, the study remains largely untouched and still channels conservative mahogany cabinetry mixed with a few contemporary pieces.

Tamara Ecclestone's garden

garden with sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: TBC)

The Formula One heiress' garden isn't the usual set up for a family home with young children. Instead, a super suave seating area flows over different levels with a sophisticated symmetrical layout. Pale grey cushions, modern fire burners and pops of pink finish this grown-up garden room perfectly.

Jackie Collins' study

study room with wooden book shelves and armchair

(Image credit: TBC)

Jackie Collins' LA mansion was recently listed on the market for a cool $30 million. That price tag buys you a cinema room, 100-foot long gallery and 5 studies - she was a prolific author, after all. With desks taking up prime spots in the bedrooms, bathrooms and overlooking the pool, it's clear that Jackie's work was her life and she intended to live it in true Collins' style.

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