5 creative ways to store books in your country home…

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  • Stunning storage suggestions for the bookworm in your home...

    Books are beautiful objects and can make artful focal points when displayed and stored in interesting ways. Be inspired by these creative ideas for country homes and make the most of your collection..

    Feature Wall
    Make a design statement with your books with custom-built shelving to accommodate any shape or size of wall and even the whole width of an interesting shaped wall. It also works well under the eaves as the lateral shelf configuration will give the room the illusion of extended width.
    Always check the suitability of the wall before fixing shelving and consider storing lighter books directly above doorways with heavier ones on the lower shelves.

    Shelf Life
    Open shelving units are ideal book storage, and make great room dividers too, creating a degree of intimacy but less obtrusive than a solid wall. Amanda Knox of Decorative Country Living suggests ‘mixing books up with personal objects such as photos, frames and keepsakes for added visual interest.’

    Cosy Corners
    Old houses often have characterful little nooks and crannies up stairways, around window frames or above doorways. Make the most of these quirky features in your country home by installing small inset shelves and lining them with a collection of vintage paperbacks.

    Protect and Preserve
    Store your most prized books in an elegant glass cabinet to keep them free from dust and dirt and create a dramatic storage statement at the same time. Try pairing a neutral cabinet with a soft colour scheme to enable your books to stand out and bring a pop of colour to your country home.

    Co-ordination Station
    For optimum colour coordination try to match the spines of your books to your homely possessions. Try subtle neutral schemes of greens and greys so as not to overpower a setting, or alternatively go for bold and bright colours to really create a wow factor.

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