Bring light into your home with these 6 clever design ideas

From expansive extensions and decorative interior windows, we show how well executed glazing can bring light into the heart of your home.

1. Extended living

Adding space to a kitchen with a conservatory is a popular design approach, extending the busiest room in the home to make space for storage and add a practical open-plan dining area. When adding an extension of conservatory to your home, remember to investigate whether you will need planning permission.

2. Window splashback

A window behind the sink is a
common design solution, offering extended views and the illusion of more space in a tight space. It also
works well if the outlook isn’t particularly good, on a side return for

3. Statement stairs

As well as creating a strikingly
modern look, minimal stairs with glass sheets allow light to flood
across a narrow room without being obstructed. This creates
an open-plan feel to a house whilst creating a stylish focal point.

4. Window wonder

An internal window is a great way to bring light into a dark space, and an interesting shape will also make a decorative feature. As an alternative to a bathroom mirror, a round window offers guaranteed light and garden views.

5. Wall of glass

This curved feature wall, made entirely of glass doors and windows, maximises the input of light and gives the impression that of an outdoor space. For similar external glazing with moving parts, aluminium frames are the best choice. This material is the least intrusive and it is durable and easy to maintain.

6. Suite success

Using a half-solid wall to divide a bedroom and an en suite bathroom is a fantastic solution that offers privacy whilst allowing light to reach both parts of the room.

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