8 ways to bring Turkish delight to your home

Let your Turkish eyes shut, and dream of striking shapes, bold blues and magnificent mosaics. Now stop dreaming, and start doing! The Turkish trend is very much booming, and these elegant rooms will be sure to have you convinced to get redecorating!

1. Don't neglect those royal blues

bedroom with blue wall and bed with pillows

(Image credit: TBC)

First things first, you need to invest in a little (or a lot!) of blue to get your Turkish look off the ground. This lavish royal blue headboard acts as a centre feature and comforting backdrop to a fairytale bed of sea-like layers of teal and pastel blues. The dreamy mix of shades adds even more depth to this spacious bedroom.

2. Experiment with shapes

room with printed blue wall and books on shelves

(Image credit: TBC)

Interesting shapes are sure to catch your guests' Turkish eyes, so don't be afraid to invest in out-there products. Small touches like this structural vase add character to practical spaces, making every inch of your home a style haven. And best of all - there's no need for pricey bouquets!

3. Relax in low-level luxury

living room with sofaset with cushions and rug on floor

(Image credit: TBC)

And no, that doesn't mean low quality! This corner sofa brings luxe to a whole new level (literally!), adding interesting shape and structure to this stylish living room. The layered carpets and cloud-like floor cushion keep the room's focus low, making it so snug you'll never want to stand again.

4. Don't be afraid of clashing geometrics

living room with blue white and black coloured stool

(Image credit: TBC)

With this killer combination of parquet-patterned tables and boldly lined rugs, you'll be dizzy for days. These clashing patterns have maximum impact, bringing a modern twist to this traditionally Turkish living room.

5. Invest in luxurious fabric

living room with blue armed chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

From the floor length curtains to the mosaic-patterned rug, and back to those plush velvet chairs, this room is a haven of opulent comfort. No matter how on-trend your home is, without rich fabrics to compliment it you’ll never feel the true effect of that Turkish interior delight.

6. Track down quirky treasures

room with white coloured mirror with turkish eye

(Image credit: TBC)

The infamous Turkish eye is cleverly integrated into this playful mirror, not only displaying your stylish reflection, but also looking right back at you. Resting delicately on this elegant iron console, the mirror is just one of many treasures against a runner backdrop that makes you feel as if you could walk straight into heaven.

7. Pay attention to detail

brass rimmed glasses on tray

(Image credit: TBC)

In order to invest in the trend down to a T, you have to remember the details. These brass-rimmed glasses are the perfect thing to maintain your style even down to the smallest touch. The splash of gold compliments the Turkish blue-and-white scheme, adding an edgy touch to these sweet tumblers. We'll take a hot glass of apple tea please!

8. Aim for ultimate comfort

room with blue painting frame on wall and hanging lamps

(Image credit: TBC)

This peek-a-boo wooden screen creates a snug hideaway so cosy you won't want anyone to find you. Layers and layers of magic carpets add texture and colour to this otherwise minimalist room, while the bold hanging lights make a jaw-dropping feature.



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