Coolest caravans you'll want to tour in

The camping season is in full swing and we've got the hippest caravans and mega mobile homes you'll want to pack up and hit the road in

Gone are the days of being dragged to drab caravan clubs with your folks and old-fashioned monstrosities that cause mile-long tail-backs on the motorway. Now, there is a new breed of super-stylish homes on wheels that is revolutionising touring holidays and up and down the country.

Take a look at these chic mobile homes and cool caravans that are sure to get your inner-camper cooing...

The i-hut

Pure Scandi-style luxury but actually made in Devon, the i-hut is a modern and sleek home away from home with everything. It can be located wherever a touring
(or a static) caravan can be situated and re-modelled to be road worthy (although not towed by your regular family estate of course).

i hut

(Image credit: TBC)

The modern and comfortable interior includes a double bedroom, shower
room, kitchen with dining area and living room. A whacky loft, for
little monsters, also provides room for a further double bed mattress -
ideal for chilling! It sleeps four, or six with a sofa bed.

kitchen with wooden flooring and sink

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This small but perfectly formed static home starts at £29,600 plus VAT and has many optional extras like an integrated iPod music system or Hot Pod log burner.

The Sealander

Is it a caravan or is it a boat? Well actually this innovative caravan is both! The German designers say their Sealander device is a normal caravan that weighs only 380kg, until it's lowered into the water and a 5HP electric motor kicks in to turn the caravan into a motor boat.


(Image credit: TBC)

It's not exactly homely, but we're sure fishing enthusiats will approve with mod cons that include a sink, coolbox, camping toilet and two berths for sleeping. It has a removable roof so you can sleep under the stars.

boat with seat storage

(Image credit: TBC)

There is also below-seat storage, and customisable add-ons can be requested. Starting prices are from around $24,575 (£16,000).

Tiny Heirloom

Each of these cute bespoke Tiny Heirloom homes is a unique and custom creation in itself. But going smaller, doesn't have to mean sacrificing the things that makes your home a home.

house with wheels

(Image credit: TBC)

Made from cedar wood and painted to re-create an endearing and compact US-style home, custom base model packages start from $65,000 (£43,000), but can be personalised for an extra fee depending on your requirements.

kitchen with sink and cabinets

(Image credit: TBC)

The company's mantra: downsize, don't downgrade. Check out some of the luxurious all-American
amenities this innovative company packs into each of its gorgeous tiny
houses and you might just be inspired to go tiny, too!


So yes it resembles a futuristic igloo on wheels, but this quirky object is actually a caravan


(Image credit: TBC)

Buyers work with architects to create fully tailor-made solutions - you can add more floor space or create cleverly crafted cupboards, all
to suit your requirements. Price: varies depending on the design chosen.

wooden table with tv and cushions

(Image credit: TBC)

You may need to be a fan of minimalist white to appreciate this interior. Price on application.


tiny house with yard

(Image credit: TBC)

This tiny hut measures only 8ft 6in wide and looks like something you might find in a scrap yard, yet it is surprisingly luxurious inside. Believe it or not, this hot-rolled weathered steel siding shell contains a full-sized bedroom, a full-sized bathroom with shower plus a kitchenette with working sink. You don't need any kind of special licence to tow either! Whilst you relax you can also enjoy the views out of the wide glass doors. Price: $66,000 (£45,000).


(Image credit: TBC)


Here's a super compact camper that uses every inch of space possible. Made by Australian manufactuers, it's built for adventure. Small and agile, this is the perfect camper for hardcore travellers to take anywhere in the world, whether you opt for the caravan or the unit that slides on to a car. The shower unit and kitchen are located on the outside of the van. The kitchen extends on pull out drawer runner and has a sink, worktop and marine barbecue. Price: $34,980 Aus (£18,000).


caravans with tiny house

(Image credit: TBC)

Designed with a more mature camper in mind who might prefer to travel in maximum comfort, the Opera combines the atmosphere of yesterday with the amenities of today.

adjustable beds with hot air heating

(Image credit: TBC)

Internally, quality is at a premium with two electrically adjustable beds that can easily be
transformed into one, a boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen, hot air heating, a ceramic toilet, top-loading fridge and low-energy LED lighting from awning to floor. Price: €58,740 (£42,500).

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