DIY dorm updates: How to spruce up your university halls

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  • Trasform a depressing university bedroom into a thing of beauty with our top decorating tips

    It’s nearly university term time, but before you wave them off to their cell-like dorm room, think about the ways to make their space more liveable. From cushions to fairy lights we’ve come up with some simple ideas to bring personality and colour to their university living space.

    1. Fairy lights
    Use fairy lights to brighten up the space – it will make the room feel warmer and more welcoming. The bright lights work well for creating an atmosphere or adding a feminine feel; either way their new friends will love them and it’s a great way to make a room feel cosy.

    2. Photo frames
    Use photos of friends and family to decorate the surfaces in your child’s university room. It will add a personal touch and can be of great comfort if they ever feel a little homesick.

    3. Pin boards
    Having a pin board enables your kids to display photographs, posters and various memories from their time at university. Whether it be train tickets, concert tickets, freshers wristbands or memories from a night out, it’s a great way to personalise their space. Can’t nail anything to the wall? Stand a fabric pin board against the wall behind their desk – that way they won’t get fined for any damages when they leave!

    4. Utilise the uni books!
    Textbooks will be a large part of their time at uni, so use them as a form of decoration to help make the room look more sophisticated and inviting. Having books on show can also be a great conversation starter for new friends and housemates.

    5. Invest in new bed linen

    Buying new bed linen can be an easy way to make a university room look more co-ordinated and stylish. As much as you may want to force them to take their trusty childhood covers, new sophisticated, pretty linen can make all the difference.

    6. Cushions
    Ok, so maybe your 18 year old music loving son might not be a big fan of cushions, but a selection of colour-coordinated designs can add a warm, welcoming look to any room.

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