5 DIY fails that prove we can’t always nail it!

Here at Housetohome we've completed our fair share of crafts and DIY projects, here's our run down of the top 5 disasters

Any time a bank holiday approaches, invariably we find ourselves gearing up for a weekend of DIY. But before you lay out the dust sheets and put on your old clothes, have a think about the potential success of your latest project. Are you prepared? Do you know what you’re doing? Here at Housetohome, we rounded up a list of our favourite DIY decorating disasters…

1. The huge candelabra that won’t fit on the table

Sounded like a good idea at the time – we’d seen a project on Pinterest that involved making a funky candelabra from copper pipe. Our finished candelbra was so giant it would barely fit on a table.

2. The animal lidded jars that stick to everything

After coating these lids with plenty of spray paint, they ended up
sticking to our fingers. Probably one of the quickest DIY fails ever!

3. The dodgy DIY jewellery stand

Firstly the plates wouldn’t stick
together, then we had to improvise with a glass jar and some buttons.
However we jazz it up, this make was a big fat fail.

4. Concrete doorstop that won’t set.

Even though you may not believe
it, we waited more than 24 hours for this ruddy concrete to dry. The woeful
results were a crumbling mess of grey gunk.

5. Pom pom rug that we didn’t finish

A word of advice, never make a
pom-pom rug in an afternoon. It simply cannot be done. This little
crafting venture ended up abandoned.

But that’s not all! Even the experts have their fair share of DIY decorating disasters as Linda Barker, explains: “The biggest decorating disaster that I’ve ever had was captured on TV when we were filming Changing Rooms. I made a display stand for someone’s collection of teapots and the whole shelving unit collapsed – all the teapots fell to the floor and smashed into little bits.”

Have you got a decorating disaster? We’d love to hear from you? For more craft ideas (that actually work) watch our Craft Corner videos

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