The fairies have moved in! Check out these amazing fairy homes in skirting boards

Explore the whimsical world of pixies, fairies and elves behind these magical skirting board doors

Bring your child's imagination to life with a magical fairy door in the skirting board of their bedroom or playroom.

Make them as masculine, feminine and whimsical as you like and watch as the door opens your child's mind to lands of floating fairies, Hobbiton elves and princess pixies...

wooden door mini letterbox and tiny doorknocker

(Image credit: TBC)

With the help of a simple wooden door, mini letterbox, tiny doorknocker and some imagination this fairy door has been given a life of its own.
Rumour has it that spaghetti slurping and tooth brushing can even be heard behind it... 

decorated in ornate flowers and glittery butterflies and a happy fairy

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Lucy Locket, £9

Decorated in ornate flowers, glittery butterflies, a happy fairy and finished in pastel paint and sprinkled with tonnes of glitter - this is the perfect addition to a little girl's bedroom skirting board to allow the fairies to flutter in and out at night time.

small satin white door and ladder

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Not on the High Street, £19

This satin white door looks just like the adult ones around the house and is just the right size for the tooth fairy. It also comes with a ‘hop-up'
ladder so tiny fairy feet can reach the door if it's stuck up high.

fairy flutter hole

(Image credit: TBC)

Rakuten, £11.99

This fairy flutter hole sat inside a giant mushroom is pretty special as small hinges allow the door to swing wide open and expose a floating fairy resting inside.

santa's elves have moved in

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Etsy, £4.49

Santa's elves have moved in! Get your fairies feeling festive with this snowy skirting board sticker, but be careful kids - the scouting elves are watching you!

wooden doors that lead imaginations into an enchanted kingdom

(Image credit: TBC)

Enchanted Doorways, £5

Enchanted Doorways offer just that - a selection of wooden doors that lead imaginations into an enchanted kingdom of fantasy. From cupcakes to toadstools and even pirate ship doors, these are one of a kind.

oval doorway is quite literally as cute as a button

(Image credit: TBC)

Fairy doorz, £14.95

This oval doorway is quite literally as cute as a button. Behind the door sits a painting of a far away land and you can even buy a door bell, porch light and doormat to make this feel more realistic.

little door is the perfect spot to scurry away to Hobbiton

(Image credit: TBC)

Image: Pinterest

If you've got a hobbit fanatic in your home then this little door is the perfect spot to scurry away to Hobbiton. Intricate paintwork, a gnarled door and cracked marble doorstep make this the perfect elf retreat.

skirting board stickers

(Image credit: TBC)

Etsy, £4.49

Skirting board stickers are another easy way to create an escapist world in your child's playroom. With the power of imagination children will run away to fairyland with this simple and inexpensive door design.

Etsy, £2

little mouse hole sticker

(Image credit: TBC)

Not technically for fairies, but how adorable is this little mouse hole sticker? The table is set for cheese and biscuits, so we're sure the squeaky homeowner wouldn't mind if a fairy friend dropped in for tea.

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