Muggle magician builds the Weasley family clock from Harry Potter

It is now possible to build your own piece of magic with the help of computer code and old antique clock...

Muggle born genius, Trey Bagley, has built a piece of real life Harry Potter magic.

The Computer Science senior student from Duke University has put his intellect to good use and reconstructed the magical Weasley family clock from the Harry Potter books and films.

weasley clock of harry potter with wooden frame

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Designed to keep track of all the Weasley children, the magical clock can tell you the whereabouts of each member of the family.

Everyone has their own clock arm that points to a series of place names, whether that be at Hogwarts, home at the Burrow, at the dentist or even lost.

Coming from a Harry Potter fanatic family, Trey decided to re-invent the Weasley clock for his family.

round weasley clock of harry potter

(Image credit: TBC)

So, first step - Bagley attended an Innovation Co-lab class at his university to learn about microcontroller programming... stay with us!

This enabled him to send the clock messages that would make different sections of the clock light up using an LED light.

Then, with the permission of the family, he was able to locate each member using the GPS on their mobiles.

Then came the small matter of designing and building the clock.

round harry potter clock with wooden frame

(Image credit: TBC)

After finding an old antique to repurpose, Trey labelled each side of the hexagon clock face with a different destination (home, work, holiday etc) and little initialled shapes to light up according to where each family member is.

round weasley clock of Harry Potter

(Image credit: TBC)

Whilst many have contacted Trey about purchasing Weasley clocks from him, he is more interested in seeing how other people get on with their own builds, and he will send you the computer code to try yourself - if you know what to do with it, that is...

round wooden weasley clock of Harry Potter

(Image credit: TBC)
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