How to make your own retro-print apron

Create your own country pinny with our latest craft guide

Inject homespun style into your home with the latest country craft idea from Country Homes & Interiors.

Follow our easy, step-by-step craft guide to making your own retro-print apron – the perfect finishing touch to classic rustic teatimes.

You will need

  • Main patterned fabric (we used Fairhaven Yellow, ref J592F-04, £38 a metre, Jane Churchill at
    Colefax and Fowler)
  • Offcut of plain contrast fabric (we used Linen Plain, ref J158F-01, £34 a metre, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler)
  • Matching thread
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Green yarn for embroidery
  • Tacking thread
  • 4 decorative buttons

Step 1) From the main patterned fabric cut one 68cm by 60cm rectangle for the main apron
piece, and one 15cm by 165cm strip for the tie (you will probably need
to join pieces to make up the length). For the pocket, cut a 25cm by
22cm rectangle in plain contrast fabric.

Step 2)
On the pocket piece, turn 1cm of fabric under along the two long sides
and one short side and press. Along the remaining short edge turn under
1cm then 3cm and top stitch to hem.

Step 3) Using the
picture as a guide, use tailor’s chalk to draw out the words ‘tea time’
centrally on the front of the pocket. Thread an embroidery
needle with a length of yarn and work the letters using chain stitch,
or any preferred embroidery stitch. Place a damp cloth over the pocket
and press.

Step 4) On the main fabric piece, turn under 1cm
then 3cm along the two short edges and slip stitch hems. Then turn
under along the bottom by 2.5cm then 5cm and slip stitch another hem.
Press all hemmed edges.

Step 5) To make three darts along
the top edge of the apron piece, measure 10cm down from the centre of
the top raw edge and mark with tailor’s chalk or a pin. Repeat to mark
two more points equally spaced either side of the centre point. Right
sides facing, bring the fabric together along the raw edge to create a
1cm dart that tapers down to the central marked point. Tack the stitching line.
Repeat to tack the remaining darts. Machine stitch each dart in place,
remove tacking and press the darts to one side on the reverse. Baste
along the top of each dart within the seam line to hold in place (see
illustration).Baste along the top of each dart withing the seam line to hold in place  Illustration: Michael A Hill

Step 6) Take the tie strip and, right sides facing and
matching raw edges, fold in half along the length. Taking 2.5cm seams,
stitch each short edge and then from each corner along the long raw edge
for 55cm, leaving a gap of 55cm in the centre. Trim short edge seam
allowances and turn through. Press under the two raw edges by 2.5cm.

Step 7) Place the apron
piece right side up. Slip the tie in place over the top of the apron so
that it encloses the top raw edge by 2.5cm (see illustration). Making
sure that the bottom edges of the front and back of the tie are
aligning, pin then tack in place through all layers. Remove pins. Top
stitch 5mm from the lower edge of the tie, again through all layers.
Remove tacking.

Slip the tie over the top of the apron so it encloses the raw edge  Illustration: Michael A Hill

Step 8) Pin the pocket centrally to the
front of the apron and top stitch in place along the sides and bottom,
1mm from the pressed-under edges. To finish, stitch a decorative button at each corner.

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