How to paint a rainbow onto furniture – to brighten a child's bedroom

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to paint your own rainbow

As rainbows become the symbol of hope and joy, we just want to paint a rainbow on everything  from windows to walls. But for now we're focusing on the power of a painted rainbow on bedroom furniture.

This playful painted pattern is a fun way to brightening up any little one's bedroom. You can

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Want to know how to paint a rainbow onto furniture? Read on...

kids bedroom renovated

(Image credit: Frenchic/Gemma

What you will need

Sugar soap

Pencil and string

Masking tape/ Frog tape

Frenchic Furniture Paint

How to paint a rainbow...

1.Prep the furniture

room with white wardrobe and soft toy in wall shelves

(Image credit: Frenchic/Gemma

Clean surface of the furniture with sugar soap

2. Draw the outline of arches

Gemma used a pencil and a loop of string, explaining, 'I looped around one of the drawer handles and used like a giant compass. I tied knots at intervals to make the loop smaller and therefore the arches smaller.'

Adding, 'To continue over the two pieces of furniture just put them as close as possible together and continue the same lines.'

3. Protect with masking tape

'Use masking tape to cover all of the internal edges of the drawers, doors and unit that are at right angles to where you will be painting - so that the design is only on the front surface.'

4. Use Frog Tape as a guide

'Use frog tape to outline the design, mask off one arch at a time, so you are using separate pieces of tape for the bottom of one arch and the top of the adjacent arch.'

Gemma helpfully advises, 'For the convex lines, cut frills in the outside of the tape to allow it to be stretched around the curve. You will need to allow the tape to wrinkle along the bottom edge, so don't worry about sticking the whole width of the tape down. Just be sure to press very firmly along the edge you wish to paint.'

5. Apply paint

'If painting on a wall or furniture where you have applied the base colour yourself it is a good idea to first paint over the edge of the tape with the base colour, to prevent colour bleeding under the tape.'

room with white wardrobe with rainbow print and pink wall

(Image credit: TBC)

6. Remove tape and repeat

'Remove tape before paint is fully dry if possible. Simply repeat the steps for the other arches.'

Gemma has creatively extended the rainbow across a chest of drawers and onto a wardrobe to make a matching set.

Gemma used green shades to tailor the rainbow to suit her style – using Frenchic Furniture paint in Al Fresco, Wise Old Sage and Al Fresco, Apple of my Eye.

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