In the dog house! This husky found a bottle of ink, trod in it and caused complete carnage

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  • A family left their dog home alone... and will probably never do it again

    No wonder this husky looks shamefaced – just look at the chaos he has caused!

    The cheeky chappy was left home alone while his owners nipped out to enjoy a movie. While padding around the house, he discovered a pot of calligraphy ink…

    … and you can probably guess the end of this tale (or should that be tail?).

    Personally, I like to think he realised he had a spot of ink on his paws, tried – in a panic – to clear it up and inadvertently trod in it more.

    Whatever the story, his owners came home to complete carnage, with ink-stained paw prints covering every inch of their home and a VERY shamefaced pet who gives new meaning to the phrase ‘in the dog house’.

    The photos surfaced on the image-sharing site
    Imgur and have been viewed over 300,000 times.

    The images start with the bashful husky looking bemused at the mess he’s made, before showing the full extent of his actions with a whole series of glorious photos.

    There’s ink on the kitchen floor, the living room floor, the dining room table… and one, quite arty, paw print on the owners’ bed, which sums up the whole thing rather nicely.

    What’s the worst thing your pet has ever done?

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