You’ll never believe what your Ikea Lack table is made of…

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  • Ikea reveals the secret method of creating affordable but durable furniture

    Retailing at just £8 you would be correct in thinking the Lack coffee table must be made from some pretty economical materials.

    However, standing solid and robust you would never expect it to be made out of this…

    As this National Geographic video shows, the fashionable and sturdy Lack collection, which includes TV benches, wall units and coffee tables, is made using a special production technique called ‘board on frame’.

    The simple process sees honeycomb-shaped paper stacked inside exterior fibreboard pieces to create a tough skeleton.

    By placing this honeycomb pattern paper inside the framework, the tables are strengthened as the six-sided shapes act as support beams under the weight of over 100kg!

    The tables are then simply glued shut and undergo cold pressing to make them super durable before being dipped in a pop of colour.

    The result is a range of fun, bright furniture pieces that are lightweight and affordable, as opposed to solid wood, and it’s all thanks to paper shaped in a strong pattern.

    Fancy another secret? Over 10 million Lack coffee tables are made using this process at Ikea’s warehouse.

    That’s a lot of honeycomb…

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