Do you live on a Terrace or a Chase? The most expensive street names are revealed!

It turns out your street name impacts your house price, so how much is yours worth?

A new study has revealed the most expensive street names in Britain.

According to the survey by Zoopla, the most expensive houses in the country are found on streets called ‘Warren’ or ‘Chase’.

The study, carried out across more than 28 million UK homes, also found the cheapest houses are found on roads called ‘Street’, ‘Court’ and ‘Terrace’.

So, where does your road fit it? Here are the 15 most expensive street names in the UK:

Warren, £607,267

Chase, £482,867

Mount, £390,500

Path, £389,732

Park, £384,809

End, £381,933

Green, £363,348

Way, £358,981

Hill, £354,301

Lane, £342,059

Gardens, £340,461

Paddock, £320,984

Walk, £319,926

Rise, £307,965

Lawns, £302,760

Up there at the top are home addresses ending in Warren.
These roads tend to be studded with properties worth, on average, £607,267 – double the average British house price at £290,867!

Great news if your street name also ends in Mount, Path, Park, End, Green, Way, Hill and Lane as these elite addresses conclude the top 10 most expensive street names in Britain.

However, if you live on a popular road ending in Street, then the properties are said to be worth on average
£184,722, almost £100,000 less than the UK average. Court and Terrace only marginally exceed this value.

It also seems a sprinkling of royal dust can add value to your home. Streets with King, Queen or Elizabeth in their name all contain properties worth more than the UK’s average.

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