Painting furniture – our favourite projects

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  • Bring tired furniture back to life with these easy DIY paint jobs

    Painting furniture is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create a unique piece for your home. With such a wide variety of paint colours and finishes available, you can tailor your approach to fit in exactly with the style of your home.

    Whether you’re looking for a crafty project to get stuck into over the weekend or looking to give a room a shabby chic feel, painting furniture is a great place to start.

    As with all paint projects, the end result is actually determined by the prep! Make sure to spend a little time removing any surface dust and dirt with sugar soap or washing up liquid and water, then thoroughly dry the piece before sanding down any problem areas.

    There is a whole range of techniques available for you to try, from roller ragging to stencilling or simply colour blocking with your favourite shades. Visible brushwork adds texture and a bohemian feel, tapping into the painterly patterns trend and is great for adding two colours in an ombre effect.

    Try using low-tack masking tape to add stripes or geometric shapes to the front of a chest of drawers for a modern scheme, or wax the edges of a dresser then paint in a chalky white paint and sand back to create a vintage French effect.

    Paint effects are back – the perfect weekend craft project

    From stencilling to upcycling vintage furniture or painting a stair runner, these inspiring ideas will brighten your home.

    Transform a console table with stripes

    Go wild with rainbow colours and modern designs

    Do you have a table that punches below its weight? Maybe it’s too ordinary, or it has simply seen better days. The temptation is to throw it out and invest in a new one. Before you do that, think about upcycling it with paint. With a few nifty DIY craft moves, you can completely transform your tired console table and add some character at the same time.

    How to reinvent a bathroom washstand

    Use a bold colour to brighten up a boring bathroom scheme

    It’s not often that we think about using paint in the bathroom, but it is easy to revitalise your bathroom cabinetry or washstand with a few coats of paint. Dramatic and bold shades such as this handpainted cobalt blue cabinetry will add drama to a bathroom. If you decide to go bright, pair the strong paint colour with pale finishes and timbers, and keep the space clutter-free for a modern finish that feels light and accessible

    Pack a punch with our colourful painted cabinet idea

    Follow these steps to add a pop of colour to bathroom storage

    Thinking about painting furniture? Give a dull-looking cabinet a new lease of life by transforming it into a stylish piece with upcycling. Bring it up to date by lining it with a piece of stylish wallpaper, and paint the wooden frame a bright, co-ordinating colour.

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