Changing Rooms: How often do you redecorate at home?

New survey reveals a quarter of us avoid redecorating and would rather live with 80s wallpaper and dodgy carpets

Did you crack on redecorating the week you moved into your current home? Or are you still living with the previous owner's suspect colour choice?

If you went for the latter, you're certainly not alone!

A quarter of Brits admit they never redecorate or take on an interiors project, according to a new survey.

Retailer has just released the results from a poll that asked 4,000 homeowners across the country how often they spruce up their homes.

room with sewing machine and white wall

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Just shy of 25% of those polled said the décor handed down to them from previous owners is just fine as the thought of pulling out a ladder or sticking up some wallpaper is far too daunting.

Instead, these culprits seem to look for the perfect interior décor whilst they are home hunting so they don't have to do any hard work once in.

However, all is not lost as a fair few of us still like to put our own stamp on our homes as not to live with avocado bathroom suites and floral 80s wallpaper - around 6% of us redecorate own homes once a year.

But which rooms are we decorating? Over half of us redo the living room as a communal space that most visitors are going to see, followed by 16.3% of us redecorating a bedroom to ensure a peaceful slumber.

Inspired to get going? Creating the perfect home costs £18,000 and takes four years. So, what's on your to-do list?

Thea Babington-Stitt
Managing Editor

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