Get crafty this Christmas with these twig ideas

Give your home a festive woodland feel with these twiggy craft ideas

Natural making materials and inspiration are in abundance in trees and hedgerows at this time of year. Get creative this Christmas and bring the family together with some festive crafting. There's something for everyone!

Woodland window pane
Create a forest-cabin feel with a square-shaped wreath depicting a window that looks on to bare wintry branches. Choose a pre-formed four-sided wreath, or fashion one with strong florist's wire and cover it with a grapevine garland (available from Amazon or Etsy) secured in place with wreath wire. Attach long lengths of willow-whip twigs around the edge of the frame with wreath wire, then add and tie some twigs going up and across the centre and edges of the window to create a window-pane look. Add some twiggy foliage, cones and berries, secured in place with more wreath wire, before finishing with a little bird wired into the frame.

twig robin frame on wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Decorative stars
These decorations are a great one for all the family to enjoy making at Christmas time. They look lovely hung from a mantel piece, but could work just as well as tree decorations or table scatters. Gather pre cut bundles of twigs, or cut the twigs to a length of about 10cm each, 5 per star. With wreath wire or string, tie 2 together to create a v-shaped section and repeat. Criss-cross the 2 v's so that an open end of one meets an open end of the other to make a third point, and join this with more wire or string to secure. Tie a fifth twig across the gap to complete the star shape. Repeat unti you have the number of stars you want and tie with twine onto a length of ribbon or grapevine garland before securing along a mantelpiece.

christmas decorations with twig stars sticks

(Image credit: TBC)

Nest arrangement
These delightful decorations are the perfect place to gather and display miniature presents and novelties. Cluster together some readymade mini birds' nests onto the mantlepiece. (You can make your own nests with grapevine garlands or branches, shaped into circles.) To add height, raise one or two on a small pile of sliced tree branches. Place wrapped presents and trinkets in the nests, enclose with a glass cloche or dome and finally scatter with miniature cones and berries. Try weaving festive ribbons and strings into the nest to add colour and interest.

twig nest domes under glass cloche

(Image credit: TBC)

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