12 thoughts everyone has when shopping in Tiger

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  • The shop of dreams. And unnecessary items.

    Ah, Tiger. The shop where homeware related dreams are made. And occasionally dashed…

    1. Why does my friend keep calling it Tiger Tiger when it’s just Tiger?

    Steven and Chris had the same argument on Gogglebox. Ti-ger. Singular. Although in some countries the shop is called ‘Flying Tiger’.
    But don’t let that confuse matters. Tiger.

    2. Why are those people not following the arrows around?

    It’s clearly the same system as Ikea, and this haphazard careering around wouldn’t wash there.

    3. Oo Ikea

    Should really head there after this. For lunch. Large meatballs for one, please.

    4. This is just like the Pound Shop

    But slightly more organised.
    Just. Come to think of it, I could do with some discounted Pantene.

    Does every door in my house have a back-of-door hanging rack?

    I’m sure there’s one door missing a rack. I’ll pick one up just in case.

    6. Does anyone actually buy the ponchos?

    Oh, yes, it appears that person NOT following the arrows snapped up several.

    7. Best pick up another kilner jar

    And remember to grab some pasta to fill up the jar. Might look a bit sad sat empty in the kitchen.

    8. Right, I’m finished. Hang on, they sell spices in here?!

    Should stock up on fennel seeds at that price. Oo! Cinnamon sticks!

    9. Best pick up some tea lights. Especially at these prices…

    …which, it turns out, are pretty standard. Never mind.

    10. I won’t need to buy a bag, I only picked up the odd item

    Two large bags please. Yes, I’m happy to pay.



    The arrows, people.

    12. I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten. I’ll pop in tomorrow

    Because this shop is awesome.

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